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  • Hello I'm a V.O.M.I.T

    Hello I'm the Admin. And im a V.O.M.I.T.
    Thats a Victim Of Masonic Ill Treatment

    Stick with me. As i get used to making up the forums. And Catagories. Please introduce yourselves. And if you have any ideas on Toptics. Or categories. Please let me know thanks

    Who Am I
    Im A Victim Of Masonic Gangstalking

    Lets face it, if its all a lie, and Gangstalking doesnt exist, or i have not been Gangstalked by these Scumbags, then theres no way anyone would know me to be a victim all these years....
    These wasters have been harassing me for years now, and though it may of been a small snowball to start with, its now a massive boulder thats running like a freight train down hill, and theres just to many people involved now to make it go away, or to brush it all under the carpet

    This is well over 30 years in the making ( Though ive been gangstalked since i was a youngster, and as the years have gone by, its just got more intense, and YES i got my Masonic Black Spot Paper way back then ), so its been 25 = 30 years now, and I even believe, and think my dad was a victim too, but more on that later within the forums

    Anyway ive been tape recording, and filming these wasters for over 30 years now, as they love to talk, even hinting to them i was recording, and taping them, just to see a change, but NO,
    Damn i got a whole year where not one person, or even a friend has knocked for me, because of there shit, and popularity in alienating me against everyone, as there so popular with there drug dealing, and how punching someone for nothing is great
    I must admit though they love to talk, and talk, and giving them enough rope is the key to success, as they dont change, and will never change from there rotten ways, even though they may look like there saints

    Ive got every bit of evidence you could think of on these scumbags, as they never give up, and think im to stupid to actually tape them, or watch them myself, or that i could recruit my own friends to even help me out,
    Ive worn a wire, and other devices for years to catch them out, as youll soon see, as i am a real victim of Gangstalking, and everything ive done, and have done, has been to catch them all out

    Im going to introduce you to all of them in time, even to the extent of you being able to send them a message on facebook, or even phoning them on there home phones, or business numbers
    Lets just see how they react to your messages, as you can ask them all about what theyve done to me over the years, and many others with there drug dealing ( Orphaning Kids, Destroying families, And Keeping People Enslaved by the Drugs )
    Even why Police, Court Officials, Civil Servants, and many others Etc, Etc, are even drinking with them Toe to Toe, and that no arrests have ever been made in years
    Making me personally think, what are our Drug Squads up to in the UK???

    OH yes ive got it all on tape, and because everyone knows about whats gone on with me, as people love to talk, and talk for my recorders, its not going to be hard for anyone of you in finding me, or to find out who i am

    Im going to show you all how everyone is connected, that most are drug users, or dealers that are respected by all through this, and that they are well connected Freemasons, and have an associations with other gangs like Bikers, Scooterists, or Skinheads, that from one word will do there bidding, and work, just out of respect to them
    ( Even though the real stalkers are sleeping at home in bed )
    Im also going to show you, that you can travel from one side of the country to the other, Up, or Down, and still get the same trouble from other supporters, and gangs they know, all of which is again done by drug users, or associates of the freemasons

    So is it a Gang, or really an Army im fighting within the UK???
    An Army we all need to fight, and expose

    Im going to let you listen to under laying threats, from the very small like :
    Watch yourself, or be careful
    Or to the very big threat of Murder

    These people have money, resources, and respect, along with people in powerful positions that can do as they wish, who are surrounded by many stupid fools who will stand in line to do there bidding, and call, because there just to stupid to see there actually being used as drug slaves, and walking money banks,
    ( See My Respect Link )

    My aim here is to link similar cases throughout the UK, and expose the Hateful Freemasons within my community
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    Hello! awesome website you got here. 9/11 was controlled demolition!


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      Originally posted by Goombah111 View Post
      Hello! awesome website you got here. 9/11 was controlled demolition!
      Exactly, All done by Freemasons

      How Long Have I Been Doing This Masonic Gangstalking Research???

      Well One Of My Old Sites I Built Here Back In 2012 Quotes Me Posting 10 Years Previous To That, But I Go Back To 80s, And 90s

      I Was Also In Phone Contact With Mr Todd From V.O.M.I.T AKA Victims Of Masonic Ill Treatment Way Before 1990, So Go Figure

      I Was Also In Contact With Joe Stirling Too, This Is What Freemasons Can Do To A Group, I Did Warn Him ( Will Post Emails Soon )
      Heres Joes Quote :-
      I can tell you it was totally destroyed by the Zionist Masons and their low-level puppets.
      Not one of the victims that I listed was a victim, they were all (well-seasoned) masonic gang-stalkers and psychological terrorists.

      Great Site

      Ill Post More Info And Links Below

      More V.O.M.I.T

      More V.O.M.I.T, But With Lots Of Facts The Freakmasons Want Shhhed Up
      Masonic secret society, the Masons, Handshake identification, Masonic brotherhood, Police Masons, Masonic favours, Religious rites and rituals.