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  • No 1 Negative Light

    Truthers. And Whistle Blowers are there to Enlighten you to the corruption that goes on around YOU. In ALL Forms of Abuse.

    Truthers. And Whistleblowers are Killed. GanGstalked. Or become V.O.M.I.Ts. Thats Victims Of Masonic Ill Treatment. And what do ALL the People DO???
    They ALL Be Quiet. And Shhh...

    The Criminals. And ALL the Wronguns. Use Propoganda to Portray Victims. Whistle Blowers. And those that do speak out in a Negative Light..
    So that the people who do speak out. And don't keep Shhh. Unlike most people in Life.
    Criminals. And Wrong Doers want these Good People. And Whistleblowers to be instantly dismissed. And ALL things Shhhed Up..

    So trolls inundate sites ( Just Like This One ) with disinformation designed to make ALL Victims. And Whistleblowers appear Crazy, Delusional, Violent, On Drugs. or Disabled through promoting fallacies that instantly conjur disbelief and assumptions of paranoia and mental illness.
    THAT we ALL Wear Tin Hats. Or start posting nonsensical ramblings to change the subject. Or make the Truth Disappear beneath a barrage of useless Comments. They will make claims of government conspiracy, devil worship, Ai chips and implants. Or make claims we are being medicated, disabled, or many other treatments to simply attempting to further that goal. Of distracting you away from the truth. And 1000% of getting it ALL Shhhed Up..

    So please Don’t Buy into the Manipulation. Think for yourselves. As It really starts and ends with the people in your life who participate in these crimes. The rest is just misdirection designed to discredit YOU. And everyone else seeking the real Truth
    If you want some Good Examples of what can happen within Comments. Go look in the Masonic Script Forums. The Truth is ALL there for YOU to See on what they can do. And will Say..
    Anything to make it disappear. And Shhh YOU Up.

    This Guy Knew Something

    Remember we are ALL fighting a war against our so called public servants. And ALL of the Elite.
    Sadly they have all the weapons. And Money in the World. They are even banning us from having our own guns. So we are ALL totally Defenceless

    But WE do have Truth on Our Side. And I certainly won't be Quiet. Or Shhhed Up. Will YOU????
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    New EU Directive on Whistleblower Protection

    Vigjilenca Abazi , Assistant Professor of EU Law, Maastricht University & Fellow, Yale Law School *The author is the co-author ...


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      Employment Whistleblower Protection

      Whistleblower Protection Law Whistleblower laws protect employees from being retaliated for reporting their employers’ violation of law or breach of public trust. For instance, if an employee was terminated from work for reporting his company’s misconduct of dumping waste into a local river, he can file a lawsuit against his employer. The law provides protection from retaliation to employees who...


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        Love This Guy

        Man Hurls Incendiary Device At Masonic Hall In Chelsea