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  • Danielle Westbrook Shhh Interview

    /G\ Keep Shhhh About Danniella Westbrook Being Abused Massively By Certain People In The Industry. And The Many Other Kids That Were Around Too.

    Listen To The Various Places She Worked. And Then Think To Yourself. I Wonder Who She Means???

    She Was Given Drugs. And Using Them Well Before The Age Of 9yo By Nonces. And When She Actually Told Someone In Authority. She Was Told To Keep Quiet. And Shhhh Up..
    By Both Men. And Women..Who Are These People??? What Organisation????

    Its Really Amazing She Says The Masonic BBC Saved Her Life????
    They Sacked Her Years Ago. But Why Did The BBC Take Her Back???. And This Is Where It Gets Really Interesting....

    Now I've Only Taken A Clip Of The Interview. The Full Interview You Can Find On YouTube. Which Has Plenty Of ???????

    But In The Clip Below Listen. And Ask Yourself This. As She Bows Her Head A few Times In Answering These Questions. Which Speaks Volumes In Itself.
    But Ask===
    1. Why Would She Need To Sign A Form To Keep Her Own Privacy. Or Personal To Herself. Does Any Of This Look. Or Sound Right. Or Even True????
    2. And For Someone With A BIG Mouth. Why Does She Keep Quiet. And Shhhh??? Would The BBC Contract Would Be Gone???
    2. And Who In Power Got Her Statement. And Has Kept Shhhh About It??? The BBC??
    3. And Was Her Future Children. And Her Grandchildren Threatened With Murder. Because This Really Is What They Do To Keep People Like Her Shhhh.
    4. What Could She Of Told Brian. And What Really Worried Them About That????
    5. When She Was Taken Out Of Her House. Just Before She Was Meant To Get Married BTW. Where Did These People Take Her. And Put Her??? And It Was Somewhere She Really Didnt Want To Be For A Long Time???
    6. Who Can. Or Has The Power To Kidnap Someone Like That????
    6. And Who Did She Have To Sign Her House Over Too???? The BBC???
    7. Why Does She Have To Be Careful In What She Says. Or She Won't Ever Be Able To Work Again In The Industry????
    8. And Brian From What I Can Tell Is Now A Ti. And A V.O.M.I.T. Thats A Victim Of Masonic Ill Treatment. Whos Lost His Job. And Is Being Called Crazy By People. Its The Same Old Gangstalking Tactics Used By Criminal Freemasons..

    Just Out Of Interest Though. Brian Harvey Has Been Called Out As A Shill By Another Ti. And V.O.M.I.T. You Can Check That Out Here==

    She Has A Grip On All That Is Rite. And Knows Her Freemasons. So Wake Up. Her Stories Here

    Anyway Danielle Westbrook Answers Everything In A Round About Way. But To Be Honest. In The End. She Was Not A Lolly. And She Kept Shhhh...
    And To Be Honest Who Can Blame Her. When THEY Can Make Her. YOU. Or Anyone Else Disappear. So Best Keep Shhhh...
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    Brian Harvey. Is he being Gangstalked. because he knows about the Hidden Red Room. Look it Up on Google

    Gangstalked Brian Harvey Forced To Stay In

    Even he Knows YouTube is Retricting his videos. And shadow banning people. WHY???


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      Just An Up Date. I Got Asked About Brian Harvey. And His Gangstalking. So Went Along To Daniella Westbrooks Facebook Page. And See This As The Main Picture. Hmmmm I Wonder Who Shhhed Her Up
      Click image for larger version

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