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Psychological Control And Abuse

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  • Psychological Control And Abuse


    Ever since I was a child I understood the concept of telling a lie to deflect people from the truth, whilst I may not have understood the technicalities of words involved, I understood the concept and mechanism.

    The concept is simple, I have to convince you that what im saying has merit.

    One on one deception is simplicity at its finest, the bully of the two will take control, the victim will be subjugated and there in ends that lesson.

    But group deception is another story all together.

    Before I open my mouth I have to analyse the target victim(s), the first thing i will do with any group will be to be looking for the weakest person emotionally.

    I will also look for the bully of the group and the silent person in the group, all of the rest are just an audience, the silent, the bully and the weakest emotionally are the ones I need to convince first and last as they will have sway on the majority.

    The reason for this is quite simple, the great majority are emotional, the great majority can be bullied and the great majority can be made silent irrespective of what they think, the last three years of government experimentation on the said great majority proves the point.

    The next three years are going to be denied day by day, even though the writing is not only on the wall, its on peoples immune system as a platform, its being denied right now.

    The great majority would rather go into outright denial that be brave and ask a simple question, "what have you done to me?".

    So for me to capture the great majority I have to tell a big lie first, to capture their fear and imagination, both of these will be the tools I use to get compliance form the great majority, it doesn't matter what they believe, they will do nothing but comply because of their own fear and their own imagination.

    But the three indicated earlier I have to make into believers, I have to convince them or destroy them, just as the Nazi's did and just as all empires have done since written time, I convince the bullies of the herd that it doesn't matter if they do wrong.

    I convince them they can kill and rob within certain restraints, like robbing the banks from the inside out or using dnr and end of life care (both legalised death for some poor soul) to kill people lawfully, all I have to do is capture the imagination of the bully, its not important if the bully believes or not, they are in it for the power to do without consequences.

    The silent ones I will keep that way by using the bullies, the emotionally weak I will play with, I will convince and terrorise them then I will release these individuals into the greater populace to terrorise them with fear and emotional irregularities.

    These individuals whilst being the weakest in the great majority they are the strongest tool in my box of tricks.

    If I can convince the weakest they are under threat from an external source other than me then that individual is my stealth weapon, the fear and doubt in all humans can be provoked by the weakest, because the great majority feels sorry for weak minded and emotional people.

    They empathise with the weakest rather than reinforce the weakest and that will always be their downfall, the great majority would rather feel sorry for something than fix it, because feeling empathy is easy, compared to fixing.

    The reality is, the great majority don't give a flying toadstool about individuals, only individuals do that.

    So if I can use these tools, the emotionally weak and the bullies properly, I have the perfect combination for keeping the great majority on the back foot and individualised, the collective dies a death and the great collective majority becomes a great majority of minority individuals without collective thought, cohesion or competence.

    That is what we have today in our dictatorship today, politicians of all parties terrorising the population and not one "party" to stand against them.

    All parties have been involved in the greatest experiment on peoples immune system in history, the great majority have been experimented on and not one "political" party came out against this or defended the great majority at all, none went against the lies we were told hence they are all in this together, this is a multi party dictatorship.

    All of these parties understood it was an experimental genetic immunity platform and all understand it has not worked yet not one politician has the guts to defend the victims of the lie, the great majority.

    That my friends is how to con a nation, how to con you as an individual and get you to abandon your instincts and collective understanding.

    To individualise you in the collective was their goal and they have succeeded.

    Now the collective is impotent because of this individualism, well done people, it took three years for politicians to achieve what no other politicians or the upper echelons have ever archived in two thousand years, we have given them their utopia.

    Well done people, and well done to the politicians and their masters who created this scenario, well done indeed.‚Äč