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Murdered And Killed By Rumours

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  • Murdered And Killed By Rumours

    Death Murdered And Killed By A Rumours

    This Is How Rumours Can Change Your Life Forever. Or Can Get You Killed. And Slaughtered By A Vicious Psychopathic Narcissistic Person Spreading Rumours. Even To The Extent Of You Committing Suicide..
    Gangstalkers Do This None Stop To Destroy Your Reputation Within A Community. They Want Your Life To Be A Constant Misery....

    Not Sure How Easy It Is To Get Someone Killed. Or To Take There Life. Read Below

    Any Hate Group. Or A Corrupt Organised Gang. Or Army Like The Freemasons Can Spread Rumours Fast. And A Lie Will Travel Faster Than The Truth. Especially If You Hold Alot Of Respect Over The Profane...

    1... Killed On A Rumour
    A man who was murdered and had his body set on fire following false rumours he was a paedophile was "let down" by the police, his sister says.

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    3... Facebook Rumour Gets You Killed

    4... 16yo Murdered By Rumour

    5... Mistake Paediatrician" with "Paedophile".

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    9... Lured To His Death On A Rumour

    10... It Happens ALL Over The World

    11... Rumour In Mexico Gets Two Killed
    In a small town in Mexico, a story on social media drove a mob to murder. But it was fake.

    12... Rumours In India Gets You Killed

    13... A Rumour Can Ruin Anyone's Life

    14... Even An Ego Can Get You Slain

    15... Newspaper Rumours

    16... On A Lighter Note.. Here's 9 False Rumors With Real-Life Consequences....
    Profane People Are Really Dangerous


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    But I seen this way to many times people getting called out on a rumour. A rumour that a nasty Narcissus will start. And then the stupid retard sheep. I mean real stupid idiots will follow along not knowing anything. Weather if its true. Or even a fact.
    But there just thick. And stupid enough to carry the lie on for the Nasty Narc..

    Do you remember the Irish bar on St Peters road. It was afew years back. But the same happened to Welsh Scotty. Everyone was calling him a Nonce. And rapist.
    Anyway long story short. As he was walking past the pub. He got into a fight with 2 well known drug dealers. And a knife was pulled . And he got stabbed. And killed right there in the street. The 2 men then lost there lives by going away for life. So 3 lives were lost that day.

    And the one ( A Policeman ) Or should I say various people who started the rumours are still walking free to this day. But it was bad.

    Anyway its a very good way to get someone killed you don't like. Or possibly hurt bad. As there's always an idiot. Or 2 ready to do the dirty work. And all while the rumour monger is relaxed indoors. Nice And safe. And certainly unaccountable for any crime he's created..

    Shit I seen idiots in jail scared to get a beat when an enemy comes onto the wing from the outside. Who will beat the shit out of them. If they see them. So the idiot will go about telling all there friends. And mates the new lad is a Grass. Or Nonce.
    As he's well established by being on the wing for afew months. And within minutes you have a gang. Or a pack of inmates all beating down on the guy they don't even know. And all said. And done by a guy they dont know. And only just met in jail themselves.

    Sometimes in jail. It's just one man with a razor. Its fast. But the damage is done. And the Narcissistic asswipe idiot got his job done for him. And ALL on a rumour...
    It's called jumping on the bandwagon. And thats regardless of where the bandwagon might lead. Or why your going there. Because the majority. And the crowd must be right... Ain't it????

    Anyway here's a few more stories on how people get killed on rumours started by cowards. And carried on by retarded idiots. Until it's all way to late..



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      A gang abused a couple for more than a year and drove them from their home after falsely accusing them of being paedophiles.

      The couple, who can not be named for legal reason, were targeted in a long campaign in which rocks were thrown at their windows, faeces were smeared across their door, and maggots posted through their letterbox.
      Glue was also poured in their door lock while foam and paint was sprayed across the front of their home in Langley Walk off Old Palace Road in west Norwich.

      Yesterday, Norwich Crown Court heard how Kevin Howes, who lived in their street, orchestrated the campaign of misery against them.
      He admitted conspiracy to commit criminal damage, after police linked phone calls and text messages from his mobile to the men responsible for the attacks.
      Alongside Howes in the dock was Spencer Bowgen, who has a long history of offending. He admitted two of charges of criminal damage.
      Bowgen threw a rock through the couple's window and poured white paint on the door of the home in September last year.
      The 26-year-old of Devonshire Street, Norwich, also admitted stealing an iPad from Virgin Money lounge in Castle Street.
      He was jailed for 17 months while Howes was imprisoned for 18 months.

      In a statement to the court the woman described how the campaign had made her life a misery.
      She said: 'A long time ago we used to be friends with Howes. We have no idea why he turned on us and caused us four years of hell.'
      The woman had to go to the doctors to be treated for stress from the relentless attacks.

      Robert Warner, prosecuting, told the court of a 'sustained campaign of attacks'.
      The couple would frequently return from their caravan on the Norfolk coast to find their home had been vandalised.
      They complained to police who installed a CCTV camera to watch the home.

      On September 4 they caught Bowgen on CCTV at 11.30pm throwing a rock through the front window. Five minutes later he sent a text to Howes asking him to ring him.
      On September 6 Bowgen was caught at 10.30pm throwing white paint from a jar at the home.

      The harassment also included text messages reading, 'you are both getting it you dirty child abusers'.
      But the court heard there was no evidence to back the paedophile accusation.

      Mr Warner said Howes was in the background of the offences and directed the men who pleaded guilty to criminal damage.
      Michael Clare, mitigating, said Bowgen's crimes were related to a drinking problem, but he said he was now looking to find work and do the best for his family.
      Mr Clare said Howes, 55, a grandfather, was in court 'to face the music'.
      He said: 'As a grandfather he ought to know better.

      'He knows he only has himself to blame.
      'As far as he is concerned this business is finished.'

      Recorder of Norwich, judge Peter Jacobs blasted the men's behaviour as 'cowardly'.
      He said: 'The affect on the couple has been devastating.'
      Judge Jacobs told Howes: 'You made their lives hell.
      'There was not a day when they could come home with any peace of mind at all.
      'They were always aware that people were watching them, waiting for them to go out.'

      In April and May other members of the group were jailed for a total of two-and-a-half years after admitting criminal damage.
      Shaun Claxton, 50, of Shorncliffe Close, Norwich, was jailed for nine months, Neil Smith, 44, of Shorncliffe Close for nine months and David Cullingford, 53, of Devonshire Street for a year.

      A gang abused a couple for more than a year and drove them from their home after falsely accusing them of being paedophiles.


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        Teenager falsely accused of rape beaten to death by gang

        Five killers carried out the 'extraordinarily callous, violent and brutal' murder of a teenager after the sister of one wrongly claimed he had raped her, a court heard today.

        Luke Harwood, 18, was punched and kicked to death by the gang, who planned to slice off his fingers and pull out his teeth so the body could not be identified.

        The victim, who was 5ft 7ins tall and weight just seven stone, had the misfortune to move into a council house when Alice Hall, who made the false allegation, was there, the Old Bailey heard.

        Even though the case had been dropped, Hall claimed again that she had been attacked by Harwood, the court was told.

        Her sister Emma Hall, 21, and four friends killed Mr Harwood by 'punching and kicking and stamping on his head many times,' said prosecutor Simon Denison.

        The victim was taken to a stream where he was killed on the bank. His body was covered with a mattress. The gang planned to return to mutilate the body.

        Mr Denison added: "His murder was quite extraordinarily callous and violent and brutal."

        The gang also burnt their clothes and mopped up bloodstains from the house.

        But Emma Hall had called the police and told them about the plan to return to the body and officers were waiting for the gang.

        Mr Denison said two years before Alice Hall had made a complaint to the police about the victim.

        "She initially claimed that he had raped her.

        "But when what she was saying was examined more closely by the police it was clear that she was not in fact saying he had raped her and no further action was taken."

        The gang are said to have attacked Mr Harwood at the bungalow in Crow Lane, Romford, Essex.

        The injured victim was then driven to a patch of land in nearby Woodford Green where the assault continued.

        His body was discovered close to playing fields in Broadmead Road, near the Orchard Estate.

        Hall, along with James Danby, 27, Tony O'Toole, 29 and Jovan Roberts, 28, deny murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

        Hall, Danby and O'Toole, along with Billy Duggan, 21, and Khalid Hassan, 20, deny perverting the course of justice


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          A FORMER miner has told how he considered suicide after being hounded by rumour-mongers who have branded him a paedophile.
          A FORMER miner has told how he considered suicide after being hounded by rumour-mongers who have branded him a paedophile.


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            A man who was murdered and had his body set on fire following false rumours he was a paedophile was "let down" by the police, his sister has said

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            A man who was murdered and had his body set on fire following false rumours he was a paedophile was "let down" by the police, his sister says.