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    A Freemason is a person who knowingly destroys peoples lives for self gain. Freemasons portray themselves as a good charitable fraternity of men. They own the media so they get to say what they want. They have infiltrated all of society. It is nothing less than an international money making scam (same as the crooked pyramid schemes).

    Did you know that the ninth degree Masons take their vows to kill for Freemasonry ???? some charity. Masons are also the NWO's foot-soldiers. All secret societies, orders and cults are as one (intertwined) with this evil human virus called "Freemasonry". In defence of most Masons, they were conned in the first place. They were led to believe it was a good fraternity of men, then they were hoodwinked and threatened with violence. If they had known this before they joined, nobody would have anywhere near them.

    Masons are trapped into this extreme evil, they are too scared to talk freely. They have become FM slaves and most have become crooked benefactors.

    We are not a hate or revenge group, only peaceful campaign for change and to educate 90% of the world. One Mason will lead you to all other Masons in business/politics/authorities and at social events,engagements, weddings and funerals.

    We at SF recently contacted UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England) and GLOS (grand Lodge of Scotland) and the top Masons at Rosslyn Chapel and others. We invited this "good charitable fraternity of men" to talk to talk to their victims in front of a live audience and cameras, no response.

    SF's offer is still available. For further information please checkout or or or or

    Joe Stirling at 93 Ashburn Rd, Glasgow G62 7PQ or you can contact SF near you at SF, 4 Maes Tegid, Bala, Gwynedd LL23 7BF or SF, 68 Middlepart Cres, Ayrshire KA21 6LN or SF, 26 Radleigh Gdns, Kent ME1 2QR, SF, 10 Picton ST, Bristol BS6 5QA, or SF, 34 Mansfield Rd, Edinburgh EH14 7LF or SF, 20 Carlcroft, Tamworth B77 4DL or SF, 59 Rae St, Fife KY4 8LA or SF, 1 Spa Cottages, Cumbria CA7 8AL or SF, 70 Byron Lodge Est, Seaham, Co. Durham SR7 0JY or SF, 26 Shobden Rd, London N17 7PG. If you do write, please get a free proof of posting from the Post Office You can call or text mobiles 07834 329 287 or 07799 612 227 or our Glasgow landline 0141 560 4743.

    You can email us at [email protected] or [email protected] Make sure you get a reply from us as the crooked Masons will try to stop you from getting through. They are protecting their plunder. If you are happy being controlled by a criminal organisation, you can either sit and take it (colony of cash generators for Freemasonry) or you can join/support Second Family (UK) to fight for your future and freedom. We all have to expose these crooks to everyone, please

    copy/send/distribute/fax/email this information to as many people as possible. In the public interest Did you know that your local Masonic Lodge and the Lodges within the authorities (council/police) are all houses of corruption ? We pay for these. SF have overwhelming proof. Did you also know that "Freemasons Are The Ultimate Criminal Cowards" ?, They collectively persecute people in a way that only the "Masonic Perps" (perpetrators) and their victim know what's happening. Freemasonry uses all races, old and young people, women (Eastern Star - female Masons). When you talk to a Mason, you are talking to two people. This could be your immediate family, best friend, Politician, Doctor, Police, Judge, Armed Forces, Barrister, Emergency Services, etc. Do you think it's right that the Masons are above or abuse the law ????

    We at SF have plans to put all victims stories online (no holds barred) for the whole world to see. If you are a crooked Mason and you don't want a mention, you can join or support SF. This will help us to change the world into a better place. We are not into revenge. The practice of Freemasonry must be stopped. How can a person ever trust another fellow human being after learning about this evil ? Society is rotten to the core with this poison.

    Freemasons are the invisible terrorists within the local community. They could literally clear up crime in 24 hours with the technology available. We pay for it and they get to abuse it. Did you know that 90% of TaxiDrivers are Masons. They see, hear and relay all movement and conversation straight back to the Lodge.Forget worrying about the I.D. cards and eventual Microchip, your mobile phone is your 24/7 electronic tag. They already know your every move and calls since you bought one. Now, don't get us wrong, we all need security and we do respect the non-Masonic government officials and non-Masonic professional people.

    Freemasonry is illegal under International Law, Humanitarian Law and Common Sense Law. We at SF have started sending this information to the neighbours of Masons. We fully intend to name and shame all Masons to their families, friends, neighbours, colleagues and relatives. The FM perpetrators, infiltrators and spoilers deserve their name to go down in history as the most evil, vile, despicable things that ever breathed on this planet. They do not like us doing this, but then, Masons don't mind secretly destroying families for self gain. It is seriously in the public interest to ban the practice of Secret Societies. You, your family and the planets immediate future depends on your knowledge or ignorance. open your eyes.

    Freemasonry is such a wonderful organisation and they say they do good in the community (illusion)OK, why do the members have to pay ? why the secrets ? why the evil divide and conquer tactics ? why the vicious fabricated rumours by getting Masons and non-Masons to hate a local targeted victim ? (all local evil Masons watch the victim and their family being destroyed). Masons also say the victim is a brother "gone wrong" so that all the local "pretend brothers" will collectively persecute. This is undiluted evil and can easily be let loose on anyone, top Mason or not. Why can't good be done for free ? Why not the whole community ? instead of chosen candidates (Masons cherry pick their slaves).

    Second Family (UK) is "FREE" to all. A Freemason is a fool and a tool to be used by the establishment. There are 5 million Masons worldwide paying money (crooked Masonic businesses pay lots more) to the very wealthy American/Israelis families.This is where the gigantic amounts of cash go every week. What idiot would want to make the rich even richer ? All we can say to Masons is that when you were born, you knew nothing. Why don't you ask your organisation for answers. Beware of one sided answers. Get online and do your own research. Now here is the really serious part. This is their Achilles. If someone you suspect of being part of this FM criminal organisation, how do you find out ? You can't, the Masons won't tell you, this is their illegal (above the law) protection (UGLE, GLOS and Rosslyn Chapel will ignore your request) SF could help you find out. Why can't we have a public register of Masons ? (SF has one, get our newsletter) we don't want a register of any other group or organisation. There is only one way to stop them and that is to work like them, without the ulterior motives. They just hate the word transparency, it makes them cringe, can't think why.

    SF is becoming a focused, professional collective. This is why we started Second Family (UK), to help and educate each other, fighting for FR33DOM. The secret societies are inherently wrong and totally unethical. Incidentally, we send this leaflet and our newsletter to all newspapers, MP's and affiliated groups worldwide.Please remember that we at SF can back up absolutely everything we say. This is why we want a live debate with the FMs. Second Family (UK) hates no one, hatred doesn't work. Unfortunately the Masons defend their trillion, trillion (hugely underestimated) crimes against the planet and it's contents, FMs try to defend the indefensible. They are protecting their plunder. If they are supposed to be a good charitable fraternity of men, why the false taboo ? why are their victims in constant fear for their lives ? and why would they keep taking down every comment or website that reveals or says anything about them ?

    On top of all this, Freemasonry is witchcraft. This is common knowledge all over the internet. This human virus is brainwashing people all over the world (especially poor people in desperate countries) every day. This is to protect the world's richest families and bloodlines. We at Second Family (UK) claim to be the only genuine, independent support group for victims of Freemasonry in the UK. We have nothing to hide and can back everything up no problem at all. If you know any Masons, please forward their details for our "SF's Public Register Of Masons" We will investigate just to make sure there is no malice by other Masons or others.

    It's not all bad news, everyone on the internet is waking up to this evil, their are huge anti - Mason groups and websites all over the world. Also checkout U-Tube, Google, Guba, etc, or just follow the links SF has given you. Never be intimidated by Freemasonry (false taboo & gobble de gook) if you are not sure, you can always double check with us. This text is brought to you by Joe Stirling (a founding member of SF) a veteran victim of this evil calculated derangement. I have no idea why I have been persecuted. None of the SF victims know why. But we do have concrete evidence to prove its the Masons. Everyone has the right to reply, please be focused and sensible. Please join or support Second Family (UK) to help us all. SF doing real good in the community

    We all have to expose these crooks to everyone, please copy/send/distribute/fax/email this information to as many people as possible. If you do nothing, they win..

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    Second Family UK - Human Rights newsletter No 27/08
    We are all victims of Freemasonry/Common Purpose/All Secret Societies and Societies with Secrets (this is the FM's get out clause)

    This is the last SF newsletter due to intense infiltration by the FMs. I drove down south (Sat 26th April) I went to meet Bruce Rutherford and his partner Gill in Rochester, Kent. I thought he was my right hand man within SF, but both turned out to be Masons. All of the Masons knew about this trip and monitored/controlled/harassed the whole journey. Bruce put up and controls the SF website. Now we know why the progress was totally restricted. Bruce Rutherford also sells security equipment (this is how FMs know who's buying what and why) His whole house is CCTV and they did not turn their TV on once while I stayed overnight. It would have interfered with our monitored conversation. Bruce also uses the name Stan Cumans and he has another website called "Murdering Masons". He took his name off that site and put my name instead, wonder why?. I also got a chance to find out about several other key FM infiltrators within SF. I got bad persecution all the way down and on my return (Sun 27th) to Glasgow. I wanted to drive to Plymouth from Rochester to meet Brian Gerrish but that was another 230 miles away. I could not afford the petrol.

    I found out that the letter "T" in Masonic Code means "The Silent Dagger". This is what they do to their victims, they collectively drive it in slowly so that you have no choice but to commit suicide. I have no intention whatsoever of doing that. I know we are winning and we need the world to know about these ultimate criminal cowards. They have been controlling ALL of our communications, phone calls/emails/ROYAL MAIL (totally infested with Masons) and that stops us from progressing. This is all comprehensive proof that they are trying to protect their plunder. You should also question the families of suicide victims for foul play by Freemasonry, i.e. The Silent Dagger.

    If you want to investigate the whole of Freemasonry, you only need to know one FM. You just profile that person the same way the FMs do to us and that will lead you to every FM in the world. Start in Kent as this is the UK capitol of FMs, it is also connected to Europe via the Channel Tunnel. This is not just about us victims, it concerns every single person in the UK (+world-wide).

    The FMs have definitely got to my family. It's not their fault as they are not computer literate. This is how this evil works, they get EVERYONE to blame/hate you. They are trying everything to get to my evidence and computers. This whole scenario is ludicrous as I have done absolutely nothing wrong. I am in an ultimate desperate situation and I have no idea what will happen next.

    The good news is that we have changed our name to the Anti Corruption Party (ACP) and will start afresh, God willing. Now that we know who the good guys are, we can re focus. If I am no longer around then I hope you guys can continue the good work.

    Second Family UK are the good guys, we are fighting for your sanity, your freedom and your future, (90% of the world does not understand or know about Freemasonry or Common Purpose. They are both the same criminal organisation who are illegally above the law. Apart from owning the media, military, police force, NHS, lawyers, judges, etc, they also destroy society. The FMs control the local gangs, drugs, crime and misery. If you are a member, you will be rewarded for your part. But you are then owned by them and you have to jump when they say jump, for your whole life. They will dispose of you when you can't perform, you will die a very lonely, twisted and paranoid individual. They can flick their member/slave's switches anytime. FM/CP is totally designed to keep the very wealthy families rich, protected and in control. SF is run by victims for everybody, we are trying to stop this calculated madness by the evil establishment. We know why there will always be war, poverty, injustice and corruption until you fight back. You can do your bit by coping or sending this to as many people as possible, including Masons. The solution is simple, give us transparency.

    SF opinion, Social Services should stop destroying real law abiding families and save the children of Freemasons before they brainwash their kids in to this evil cult, witchcraft and criminal organisation. The only thing free in Freemasonry is the oxygen. We have more evidence on the FMs. Friday as the day they carry out their twisted persecution (more intensely).

    We've been talking to Brian Gerrish and receiving copies of the brilliant "UK Column". Please support Brian and his wonderful team of volunteers (esp Julia and Carole). If you want to open anyone's eyes on the truth about what's really happening in the UK. Checkout or phone their office 01752 312743 or write to UK Column, County House, 12 Sussex Street, Plymouth PL1 2HR. They badly need donations to spread the word. Don't call Brian's mobile unless really urgent, the guy has been amazing for the last six years. It's dangerous work, fear and emotion is just part and parcel of this game. But none of us have a choice any more, only wish more of the ignorant sheople would join in. We all need to keep networking. If you want to know how the Masons are changing their name to Common Purpose, then also checkout spread the word.

    A lot of victims are telling us that the Lower Masons are now learning the truth about their real membership and the real agenda. We constantly thank ex-masons for their regular help. There are no secrets left as the ex-Masons keep talking, sincere thanks. Here's another from ex-masons. Most alcoholics and drug users get extra money in their benefits in exchange for FM perp services. Another warning is that FMs capitalise on your trust, this is how they destroy society. Did you know that the Police Helicopter is known to FMs as the "All Seeing Eye"? This gives FMs empowerment whenever it's around. We all know that the Olympic Torch is a FM symbol and we know why they are trying to take it to the top of Mount Everest, more FM empowerment. All of this valuable truth can only educate. We all know that the FM cat is out of the bag, big time. The rest is just a formality, I just wish it would happen quicker.

    Brilliant site on Masonic Aprons (for washing dishes) and all the meanings explained (excellent website/group) send these guys an email and they will keep you posted. We are all affiliated to other good guys fighting corruption, join in and do your bit
    Recently, the Masonic controlled media are going crazy with their subliminal messages (esp.No33) to their pretend brothers. SF is working on a report. Need to hold back as we document their attempt to tell their members that things are OK, no chance.

    Here is a good flyer for The Anti Corruption Party: Are you fed up with the LIES, INJUSTICE, POVERTY AND DICTATORSHIP ?
    join ACP before you can't, etc. I need to go and wash the T-shirt I was born with "Shit Happens". Possibly signing off, Joe