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Masonic Baphomet Wives Beware

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  • Masonic Baphomet Wives Beware

    Masonic Baphomet Wives Beware

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    The Evangelical church is breeding ground to find needy women and weak men. Women seeking something to fill their souls and men trying to find a place to belong. Freemasonry is at the top of ALL "christian" orgs and ministries. Look at the symbol for Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL - the M apron.

    Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, IL is where my husband was recruited out of. I went to them in 2006 because he was obliterating our finances. They handed over full control to him as the "spiritual leader" of our home. I was given these instructions:

    He acquired power and I gradually lost freedom, life, finances, family, friends....

    The bible is not the bible, Christianity is not what it seems. They infiltrated so deeply long ago that people are programmed in the pews.