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The Speck O Dust Masonic Wives Slipper

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  • The Speck O Dust Masonic Wives Slipper

    Another Example Of A Hidden Masonic Message In Plain Sight.... Check The Picture To See The Size. It's Very Small. And Discreet. Hence The Masonic Speck O Dust Name
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    There's Various Types To Choose From. But Anyway What Masonic Brother Would Not Want Close Protection For His Wife. Or Girlfriend. Especially When They Are Away From Home???

    The wearer of the Speck O Dust Masonic Slipper is under the Full Protection of ALL Freemason Brothers. Any Fellow Mason Recognising the Sign will immediately recognize the wearer as the loved one of a Fellow Mason, And Will Protect Her

    ( Though From What I've Personally Witnessed. It Don't Count For Much With My Local Freemasons. Unless It's OK To Do That If Your A master Mason. And Your Brother Is a Fellowcraft. So The Tiny "Speck O Dust" Symbol. Which Is So Prized By Freemasons The World Over. Amounts To Nothing. If You Want. Or Lust For Your Brothers Wife. Or Girlfriend )

    The history of the blue slipper symbol is reflected within the bible story of Ruth, whereby any woman wearing one of these or its symbol is under the protection of Masons; thus, making the Masonic Blue Slipper, that the woman wearing this symbol; is the relative of a Mason and under the unfading oath of all Masons to protect widows and orphans.

    Long ago, during a famine in Israel, Elimelech took his wife Naomi and their two sons, left Bethlehem, and went into the land of Moab.

    The two sons married Moabite women. Then Elimelech died, and shortly after his two sons died. Naomi decided to return to Israel.
    At first both wanted to go back with Naomi, but Naomi would not have it. Ruth was persistent and travelled back with Naomi back to Bethlehem.

    It was rough times, but they could get help from a distant relative of Elimelech named Boaz, who had a good farm outside of the town.

    Naomi was a bit crafty, and before long Boaz fell in love with Ruth. But the law of the land was a bit stiff. So, Boaz set up court at the city gate as was the custom then. He got the closest kinsman of Elimelech there to settle all of the accounts, you know, finish the probate and settle the debts. The kinsman was not able to take care of Elimelech’s estate.

    Boaz threw his chest forward and claimed the right to redeem Elimelech’s entire heritage. As was the custom throughout the ancient Middle East, the kinsman removed his shoe and offered it to Boaz to seal the deal. Done!

    Boaz took the shoe, held it up, and all the witnesses certified the transfer. From that point on and forever after Naomi and Ruth became a part of the family of Boaz, that is, came under the sponsorship and protection of Boaz and his family.

    Boaz took Ruth as his wife, and their son Obed became the father of Jesse and grandfather of King David with lineage to Jesus.
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