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No 4 Shhhed Up Masonic Wives

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  • No 4 Shhhed Up Masonic Wives

    And finally as Ive said Throughout this Forum. Other people are saying. And Spewing the Same Truth like this below. Which is ALL the Truth. And Certainly NO Conspiracy.

    This Wife Knows The Truth. When YOU Post the Truth on freemasonry. It's all Shhhed Up..
    Any article exposing Masonry always get some comments defending the cult, saying that their experiences have been different. This happens because Masonry is basically a low-rank ground of peons for the development and growth of future occultist leaders. Those people are watched from day one, and if they are found corrupt and trustworthy enough, they will be exposed to the secrets of the higher levels.

    If not, if they show any signs of moral fortitude and/or Christian beliefs, they will stay forever in the lower ranks. Ironically, these are exactly the people who defend Masonry as good and moral, because they have never been invited to see the dark side.

    However, be warned that even membership in the lower levels is a spiritual disaster for the person. The oaths, the occult symbology and philosophy are open doors for curses and demonic activity in the lives of people and their children and a sure way to lose God's protection

    And my final say is. There that powetful they can have Facebook posts disappear within minutes. So always screenshot. And save your posts