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Freemason Divorce

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  • Shattered Glass
    I cannot believe this was written over a year ago with no response. If we do not join together and tell our stories out in the public over and over again, people will not know, they will not get it.
    We live in a time when more women are in positions of power than ever before yet domestic violence, poverty, and homelessness are at the highest rates. If we do not come together and call out the bullshit, more women and children do not receive justice, more children end up in Freemasonry "care" to be ritually abused. More women end up on the street to be trafficked then killed.
    Seventh Degree / Royal Arch
    When a Mason takes the Royal Arch oath or "obligation" to subvert and pervert justice, he is swearing to act in concert with Masonry's highest authority, whose corrupt ethics are inherent in the oaths. This means that they have to cover up and give favor to other people who are masons that commit crime. Our Judges and lawyers who are masons do this.
    Does anyone believe that the "All-Seeing-Eye" upon the Mason to whom Manly Hall claims the Mason is exclusively accountable, is someone other than Lucifer ?
    York Rite

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  • Aboaz
    started a topic Freemason Divorce

    Freemason Divorce


    My ex-husband, Nigel, is a high-ranking freemason.

    I did masses of research and eventually found out his solicitor was a freemason and the judge in our divorce hearing was also a freemason. My husband lied through the entire proceedings and got away with it. And he knew the outcome of the court hearing before the judge handed it down. He came out keeping the family home, all the assets, the Bentley, the Mercedes, his pension and his business: I got the child, a Mini, and a caravan to live in.

    No maintenance was awarded even though it was his affairs and constant abuse that caused the marriage breakdown. He now lives the same opulent lifestyle we once shared while my son and I are near destitute.

    These people are EVIL.

    VH, Newbury
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