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Freemasons Feed The Homeless

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  • Freemasons Feed The Homeless

    We came across an interesting article on Freemasonry today see HERE that was promoting their brothers helping the homeless. Now we don't need to delve to far into the fact that fellow freemason Jimmy Savile used his charitable status to hide behind a sinister mask of child abuse getting away with murder because every arm of the British state is infested with these evil bastards.

    Every cop, BBC manager, social worker, councillor, lawyer or judge in any way involved with stopping the bastard was protecting his position. Now we get to the reasons why so many men are facing life on the streets of Britain with masons trying to suggest somehow they are HELPING those men when the exact opposite is the case.

    After more than 20 years of researching homelessness and interviewing thousands of men on the streets we have a very different conclusion than their controlled media as to why they are facing hardship on the streets of Britain. Freemasons embedded inside the political, legal, council and police networks ensure men are being fleeced of EVERYTHING they own using the courts and especially family courts where the biggest transfer of wealth is taking place inside secret court hearings supposedly to protect children's identity when those children can end up in government homes and where paedo's like Jimmy Savile can access them for their own devious ends.

    At the heart of the homelessness crisis are a bunch of greedy manipulative psychopaths controlled by the Duke of Kent for and on behalf of the royal parasites who are fleecing men not part of their creepy satanic cult and who have been getting away with their sordid plans only because the press barons of Britain have protected them from exposure. They did exactly the same throughout the lifetime of pervert Jimmy Savile who, only now thanks to the internet, has been exposed for the truly vast criminality he inflicted on the public for way to long protected by his brothers and the royals who showered him with awards and a knighthood for his part in promoting them at every opportunity on his BBC platform, that was despite a long history of vile abuses.
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