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SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse

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  • SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse

    SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse Is World Wide. Along With Pedophilia Towards Kids...
    Here I'll Post Stories. And Witnesses To SRA.
    Guess What The Common Denominator Is????
    I'll Let You The Profane Work It Out. Or Are ALL These People Telling Lies???

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    Try to tell someone that politicians and wealthy people are involved in organized child rape, torture, and human sex trafficking, and they will likely shout "fake news!" Be Jailed. And Shhhed Up...
    But, sadly, what is happening to children and women is very real and vivid. Former sex slave Anneke Lucas describes how she was raped and tortured by elite wealthy aristocrats and politicians in a pedophile ring in Belgium.


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      Is naming names of perpetrators the most effective way to dispense community justice and protect victims? Those of us who are not Hollywood celebrities with unlimited access to lawyers and personal security agents can still be sued and physically intimidated in reprisal for speaking out. Poor women, women of color, marginalized women and trans women in particular are still in danger of being viciously punished for naming people who have hurt them. Anneke Lucas believes that in the case of high-profile perpetrators, caution must come first. And what is your take on this?


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        You Have To Stick With This Video. But When It Gets To Satanic Ritual Abuses. Cults. And Secret Societies. It Really Does Hit Home. It's Also An August 2020 Release


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          John Merricks Story

          As a young child in the early 1970s, Merrick lived with his family in regional Victoria. One day he got into a car with a stranger, and soon afterwards he was visited by police, one of whom returned later, took him in the police van and sexually abused him.

          For years throughout his childhood, Merrick was sexually abused by many people. A friend of his father’s came to the house and took him to a Masonic Lodge where others took photos of him being abused. ‘I think they were a sub-group within the Lodge.’

          In a written submission and his private session with the Royal Commission, Merrick said he didn’t know if his father was aware of what happened.
          ‘He was friends with men from the Lodge. He also thought children should be seen and not heard. I felt I couldn’t say anything and that what was going on was just life, until I got older and I realised.’

          Merrick detailed a number of people who were responsible for sexually abusing him.

          They included a council worker as well as his government primary school principal who, with his wife, ‘would take me to their house’. Merrick’s homeroom teacher also abused him, as did a Catholic priest who often visited the area.

          He recalled telling his grandmother the priest was ‘hurting my bum’, and thought she went to her Uniting Church pastor for advice. Merrick believed the pastor then ‘reported this to the Catholic Church and the response was for [the priest] to be moved to another parish’. Merrick didn’t know of any other action taken.

          When he was about 14, Merrick was hospitalised in South Australia for migraines. He described an incident which occurred while he was there in which two men pretending to be hospital staff came into the ward and sexually assaulted him. Merrick told a nurse what happened and she was then physically assaulted by the two men.

          Merrick said his experience of reporting sexual abuse as a child ‘was to receive further abuse’.

          ‘There have not been any criminal proceedings about any of the abuse and I have never sought compensation. In my teenage years I spoke to a senior sergeant in the rape squad and she seemed to take it seriously, but no statement was made. In my teenage years I tried to numb everything and take the pain away by smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol. In my early 20s I developed schizophrenia. I ceased smoking cannabis in my early 30s.’

          He didn’t know what would be of help to him now but he wanted his primary school teacher ‘to go to jail’.

          ‘I think that I should have been believed, protected and someone should have taken notice and stopped the abuse’, he said. ‘I received no help at the time and have subsequently seen a psychologist and the rape clinic.’ He’d recently been receiving support from a New South Wales mental health service.

          ‘I can’t trust anyone. I don’t know where to go. I’ve lost every chance of ever working. They’ve put me on the pension. I’ll be on the pension the rest of me life.’


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            Bettys Story

            ‘There’s part of me inside that’s really pissed off and angry – why aren’t the Freemasons splattered all over the newspapers?’

            Betty’s mother died soon after giving birth to Betty and Betty grew up living with relatives in regional Victoria. From a very young age, Betty was sexually abused by her uncle. He was a member of the local Freemasons and frequently, from the late 1950s through to the late 1960s, he would take her to be abused by three other men who were also members of the Freemasons. The abuse occurred at the local lodge.
            In a written submission Betty gave the Royal Commission, she stated, ‘The abuse was sexual, physical and mental … Pornographic photos were taken which has left me extremely uncomfortable whenever photos are taken of me now … I can remember being passed to one person then another.

            ‘I kept running away from home. At one point the headmaster came and collected me … and I thought he was being kind at the time, he said, “You know I’m going to have to take you back home” … As a child I felt there was sympathy or regret that he’d have to do that but now as an adult I think, well, he should have done something.’

            Betty was sent to the local GP because she experienced headaches and anxiety. The doctor prescribed her Valium and Mogadon. ‘For someone that young there was no investigation into why.’ Betty’s next door neighbour grew concerned about Betty’s welfare one day when she was being punished. ‘She came in and wanted to know why, what was wrong. I wanted to [tell her] but I couldn’t.’

            Betty’s family were ‘not encouraged to talk about anything’. Her aunt washed Betty’s mouth out with soap. ‘I actually can’t remember what I said – but she washed my mouth out with Jex steel wool and soap. I think maybe I tried to say, I don’t know.’

            Betty finds it difficult to remember her young years in a chronological and coherent way.
            ‘I have separated my memories into visual, smell, body feelings, and emotions but I have no memories of voice or sound … I … compartmentalised the events of my childhood so that I could cope with it … I just remember the gloves, the white gloves. One of them had the white gloves on all the time.’

            The abuse by the four men continued until Betty reached puberty.

            Betty had a child when she was in her early 20s. Her anxiety around being a parent was severe.

            ‘I was absolutely terrified that I would be an awful parent because I had no idea. I was thinking I’d probably end up doing what I’d been through or whatever, being nasty … I tell everybody that [my son] brought me up.’

            Throughout her life Betty worked hard but found it difficult to stay in a job for a long period of time.

            ‘I’ve had more jobs than you can poke a stick at … It’s my mouth that usually gets me into trouble at work. I don’t keep it shut when things go wrong.’

            She has been sexually harassed by employers, managers and fellow workers.
            ‘It’s like you had a neon sign on your face – “You’re a victim you can do it again” … If you had any self-confidence people wouldn’t take advantage of you.’

            A direct result of her abuse is that Betty has always been hypervigilant around children, not just her own, and has to speak up when she sees either adults or children acting sexually inappropriately. She wishes that someone had done the same for her when she was a child.

            ‘I make mistakes. And I do get embarrassed when I do make mistakes but I prefer to make the mistake than not.’

            Her mental health is fragile and she has been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Betty has attempted to take her life many times.

            ‘I have used the idea of suicide as a relief, a way out and I think I was about six when I first tried to commit suicide.’

            Betty went back to university to study a creative arts degree but found the course confronting, especially around the subject of sexualised depictions of children in artworks.

            ‘Bill Henson [the artist, came up] and the attitude of people in the art world about using kids [in art] … Sometimes I withdraw and hide and other times … I’m a little bull terrier and I don’t give up and I made the mistake of speaking out … but I just can’t believe their attitude – “It’s okay, it’s art” … Most of the time I feel like I’m a square peg in a round hole.’

            Some years ago Betty contacted the police to seek advice on whether the photos the men took of her might still ‘be circulating around’. The police were unhelpful and Betty was ‘crushed’. She has no trust in authority or in institutions and hopes that the Royal Commission can ‘make a difference … and I want that difference to be maintained’.

            ‘One of the things I would like to see come out of this is guidelines for any groups, whether it’s faith-based or whether its education-based or just purely entertainment … it should be by law that they have to make their staff aware of things to pick up on.’


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              Biancas Story

              Bianca’s father began sexually abusing her when she was two years old. From when she was five, he would drive her to various places around their city in New South Wales where at least seven other ‘white, middleclass professional men’ also sexually abused her.

              All these men were Freemasons. Bianca remembers seeing her father’s Masonic cane, apron and a book she called the Masons’ ‘catechism’ at home.

              Bianca quietly and calmly read her account to the Commissioner, starting with an early memory of being made to perform oral sex on her father. Sometimes her father would abuse Bianca as he drove around on errands, pinning her hands to the steering wheel as she sat on his lap.

              At Easter, things got worse for Bianca. Her father came into her room, very angry, and made her bend over the bed. He put his hand on her back so she couldn’t move and pushed the Masonic cane into her vagina. He was doing this to help Jesus because he was dying, he told her. He said Bianca wouldn’t get into heaven and that she was just a little bitch. He often called her and her sisters a pack of bitches, Bianca said.

              On Anzac Day that same year he sexually assaulted her with a cane. He said he had to do that because she was a girl and he had to ‘get rid of the bad stuff’. After these assaults Bianca would have a bath. Her father had warned her that if she told anyone, worse things would happen. So she was frightened that if she made the bathwater dirty, someone would see it and she’d get in more trouble.

              One afternoon, when she was about six, Bianca’s father drove them to a place they’d been to before. But this time, her father said, it was very important. ‘There was a strange man there and he had a coat and a hat … I had to take off my pants and get into the back seat of the car and I was pushed so that I was lying on my side facing the back of the seat.’ Bianca’s father held her hands over her head.
              ‘The man sat against my head and shoulders and called me “girl” and “young miss” … He told me this was his job and he took it seriously. There were things I had to do.’

              The man then anally raped Bianca with a Masonic cane. She lost control of her bowels but the abuse went on.

              Afterwards her father was very angry because she’d ‘made a big mess’. Bianca saw the same man again but can’t remember the details. She described being abused by other men, sometimes while her father was there and other times when she was left alone with them. ‘I was aware that they all used various pieces of Masonic equipment – the sticks, the canes … the book, the aprons. And there was a special bag with things in it.’

              She couldn’t recognise the men. It was either too dark or she was positioned in a way that made it hard to see their faces. ‘I also didn’t want to look’.

              The abuse stopped when she was about 11. Bianca now thinks that her father was granting favours to these men in order to be promoted up the Masonic hierarchy.

              She can’t remember if she told her mother when she was little about being abused, but years later she confronted them both. ‘They denied it. My mother denied it. She thought I’d been brainwashed.’

              Bianca suffered permanent physical damage as a result of the sexual abuse. Still, she regards herself as being lucky in many ways. ‘I’ve been one of the very fortunate ones in that I’ve had the skills to function.’ Even though she struggles with feelings of self-loathing and shame, she has a strong constitution, she says, and she’s optimistic. And she was intelligent enough to get through school and make a career for herself, despite the abuse destroying her concentration.
              ‘I just wasn’t there a lot of the time … I was physically there but I was busy trying to deal with what was happening.’

              A big impact of the sexual abuse has been the non-stop negotiation. ‘Every day I’m constantly negotiating with myself that it’s all right to do this, that it’s all right to go here.’

              Bianca says it would have helped if sexual abuse was something that could be discussed when she was a child.

              She also believes medical professionals should routinely screen for child sexual abuse history, just as they do for allergies, rather than relying on survivors to initiate disclosure.

              Everyone needs educating about sexual abuse, she told the Commissioner.


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                Freemasonry Being Used For Police Corruption
                "Et cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberabit vos" - And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


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                  GCHQ Freemason Pedophile Lodge
                  Mercurius Lodge 7507


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                    Westminster Freemason, MI5, MI6, Politicians & Roman Catholic Church Child Sexual Abuse



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                      Shhhh Freemasonry Is Hiding Criminal Acts Involving Paedophilia In UK
                      The Profane Need To Ask Who Could Lose 1000s Of Confidential Files. And Why???
                      And WHY Does A Government Need 100 Year Paedophile Suppression Orders On Notable Elite People That Govern US???


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                        Freemason Child Sexual Abuse Ring Cover-Up at Bryn Estyn in Wales Shhhh

                        I Like It That Hes Confident. And Actually Really Thinks The Paedophile Freemasons Investigating Themselves Will Leave NO Stone Unturned.
                        What Do YOU Think???
                        Are Things Changed???
                        As I've Seen NO Convictions


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                          The Heartbreaking Story of Mike Tarraga.

                          As a baby Michael Tarraga never left the hospital in the arms of his mother. She left him there the day he was born, with his twin brother. She also abandoned their two year old sister. This is a story of what happened next and how a child without a family can be exploited, abused and sold from the age of 5, Michael was continually anally raped for half a crown, sold out by Bob and Ivy Woods who he had to call Mum and Dad. Michael is now 70 years old and dying from COPD. Keen for his story to be told before he leaves this world - so that he and others can one day get peace and justice, but more importantly that this kind of horrific sexual abuse, happens to no other child.


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                            UK Prime Minister Raped Over 30 Kids Says Police Chief: Covered Up By Establishment. Meaning Freemasonry That Runs This Country Keep Shhhhing Up ALL Crimes Against The Profane..

                            Largest pedophile bombshell in recent history, Sir Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has reportedly been accused by the police chief as being a pedophile. His vile crimes against children were allegedly ‘covered up by the establishment.’ More than 30 people have now come forward with claims of sexual abuse by the former leader of the Conservative Party and PM. Police investigators told the Daily Mail that the victims all gave ‘strikingly similar’ accounts of the sexual abuse and none of the individuals were known to each other. On Sunday, the Daily Mail revealed that the police chief investigating the Heath case said the allegations against him are ‘120 per cent’ genuine. The original investigation began last year as Heath’s alleged victims began coming forward. Disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile’s nephew alleges his friend was sexually abused by former Prime Minister at parties in the 1970s. Guy Marsden, whose uncle abused more than 500 victims aged between five and 75, alleges his friend was abused by Heath at age 14. Now, it appears more and more victims are coming forward — with strikingly similar stories. Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale regards the allegations as ‘totally convincing,’ and plans to publish a report in June, according to the Daily Mail. According to the source at the Daily Mail, “‘Mr. Veale believes in them 120 per cent and thinks they are totally convincing.” “There are very close similarities in the accounts given by those who have come forward. The same names used for him, the same places and same type of incidents keep coming up.


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                              Greater Manchester Police have concluded that the former Liberal MP, Sir Cyril Smith, was guilty of physical and sexual abuse of young boys over a period of many years.
                              WHY WAS ACTION NEVER NOT TAKEN???
                              Freemasonry Shhhhing It Up