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Peter Thornley. Savile. And The Police

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  • Peter Thornley. Savile. And The Police

    This is Peter William Thornley ( Along With Savile In The Picture Below As Wrestlers ).
    You may know him as the 70’s/80’s wrestler Kendo Nagasaki or Mr Guillotine.

    Click image for larger version

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    So Thornley after he retired from wrestling would run an illegal care home for handicapped children who were being looked after by a local authority, never really had visitors and were isolated within this home.

    So Staffordshire police would be informed and made aware of this shady home over and over again spanning twenty years but they would never investigate Thornley or claims into this illegally ran care home as they have close links with him.

    It’s location had “restrictive covenants” which prevented it from being used for business purposes to which this was and the police kept dismissing this fact.

    After it’s closure as the council didn’t renew its license it emerged that Thornley would throw parties to which super nonce Jimmy Savile would attend, they would become very good friends after meeting via their wrestling links as Jimmy Savile did fight back in the day so their link started then and continued right up until his death.

    So why wouldn’t Staffordshire police investigate anything surrounding this care home and Peter Thornley aka Kendo Nagasaki even though the council hadn’t renewed its license the police never once looked into complaints surrounding his illegal business.

    It begs the question was this care home used as a front for a nonce ring as when Staffordshire police had be given information regarding the going ons of this care home they hassled the person who made the complaint, would fail to record the phone call that had the compliant attached, issued a notice of warning, the persons business suffered loss of earnings as suppliers would no longer work with them what sort of bullshit is that, that you make a complaint regarding illegal activity on the handicap and you get stalked, harassed the lot but they never once investigated Peter Thornley

    It was clearly being used a a nonce ring front if the police wouldn’t investigate and Jimmy Savile would attend regularly, it did house handicap children who were isolated and vulnerable and who also couldn’t communicate to anyone.

    As what sort of party would be thrown at a handicap care home that would have nonces like Jimmy Savile attend and the police would turn a blind eye too?

    A nonce ring because we know the police like to cover up nonce behaviour, remove images off computers, give them ridiculous sentences or its suspended and they are allowed to continue their nasty shit.

    It’s everywhere sports, films, music, children’s homes etc etc and has been covered up, ever since it was pushed underground back in the 1800’s and it’s Freemason link, child abuse by design!

    Never Stopping

    No Justice No Peace!
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    Oh some free masons will say they weren't masons at Savile funeral. Like The Travelling Templar here. And lie

    But then we have this here from someone who knows best the rituals. And what's what Called Pat Mills

    Then We Have The Darkest Knights At Jimmy Saviles Funeral By Pat Mills

    And Pat Mills Round Up Here

    And we have the pictures I posted. What do you think is the truth
    Plus His Grannies Age Is 616, Added That Up We Get 13, And Lts Not Forget Jahbulon-13, Look It Up
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      This Woman Tells YOU How It Is. And WHO Protected Jimmy Savile. Just Think About Shhhhh. And Freemasonry

      I Mean Who was protecting him. And where are they now???
      Remember Celebrity status open doors
      Charity work even gives keys to open doors. And allows much respect to alsorts of people.

      Remember THEY are Master manipulators. This is how they keep you Shhhh

      If your powerful you will create fear. Your capacity to create fear. Can. And will be used for Reputational damage to shhh Profane people.

      So How are you ever going to complain. Especially if THEY have the power. Because If you cause a problem. Or someone starts to tell the truth. There shhhed up. And your gone. Sacked. Or your Reputation is damaged beyond repair. Or your simply killed in an accident. So Profane People know they will be ostracised. So WE ALL Keep Shhh

      Watch And Think About Masonry. As Power is a VERY SERIOUS Weapon. Especially if its used against the Profane. Or should I say those outside the Temple..
      I mean HOW Did Savile Get the keys to Broadmoor. As someone masonic signed the papers. I Bet.

      Even in this presentation. Just as In ALL the rest of them YOU can go watch. They DONT Even Mention Saviles past connection to Freemasonry... It's Shhhhed Up..
      Of Course its NOT mentioned. THEY would be out of a Job. And it would see no air time. As the Powerful Masonic TV Bosses would not give it ANY air time.....It's Shhhhed Up

      Jimmy Savile was a sexual predator who preyed on men, women and children for over six decades. He was a high profile celebrity with the keys to Broadmoor and friends in very high places. His reign of abuse included over 300 victims that we know of but without a doubt there were many many more. Emma Kenny analyses his life, his work and his journey of abuse in this episode of True Crime.


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        David Ike Jimmy Savile Links To Vlad The Impaler, And Im Sure Prince Charles Mention His Relationship To That Too
        As I Said We Need To Investigate Common Denominators, This Is REALLY Good


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          Shhhh The sinister two tier system of law in the UK is fully exposed in a report that stated British cops had reports of homopaedo abuse by the BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile since 1963. They failed 100's of times to take reports seriously and LOST many of those reports ensuring Savile could abuse over a 50 year period hundreds of children thanks to freemason collusion within the British police force.

          The British establishment starting at the top with Queen Lizzie , who gave thise evil pervert an OBE and Knighthood would have been FULLY aware via MI5 of Savile's paedo history yet continued to provide him with her tacky honours. The Duke of Kent the queens loyal Lord lieutenant and head of the global network of freemasons would have ensured Savile was protected from any allegations thanks to the total control of how British cops protect vile freemasonic criminals like Savile.

          They are all implicated in protecting Savile and the paedo networks that ensure those hand picked to sit in key positions of power can be compromised and blackmailed if they dare to veer away from the New World order agenda they are all party to ensuring the ruling mafia's future security and financial rape of the peasants goes on unabated thanks to their masonic henchmen