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Masonic Chipping

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  • Masonic Chipping

    Here we go. How Freakmasons want to track kids. And possibly slow release poison into there blood stream. But what do I know.
    But who allows strangers to take hair, nail, and a mouth swab from there kids???

    One person did write this interestingly enough on the chipping::-

    When in your lifetime have you heard of ANY child (or even adult) being SAVED from knowing in advance of their fingerprint details or DNA being saved on any database?

    It is likely that in MANY (if not all) cases of child abduction
    1. the child is found too late anyways
    2. The information necessary is gathered immed. after the person is reported missing
    3. No such tracking has been used to actually find a missing child (if so, why aren't they in the news??).

    Are people that dense?

    Showing up for free/cheap hotdogs and sodas and giving up their children like this, astonishing. Disappointing and astonishing.

    Anyway here's some links to look at
    YouTube video 1

    YouTube video 2

    YouTube video 3

    500.000 children already chipped???
    Or is this number there to convince others to step right on up.
    Just like the conmen of old selling snake elixliqueur in a town they pass through. So they have a stooge walk up to buy 1st. So then the sheeple follow along in belief???
    And out of those 500.000. How many are actually freemason children???

    Another freemason website offering the chip

    Blog warning to others about the chip

    What do you think???

    And how much is all this costing. No one spends this amount of money for nothing. Especially without getting a return investment.
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    Freemason Child CHIP Program Instituted Across America!

    Well, it can't get any more obvious than this...


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      This VHS tape was put out by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts.
      It's about 15 minutes long and is about the important issue of safe practices with children.

      Click image for larger version

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