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Mark Passio On The Lost Hermetic 8th Principle

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  • Mark Passio On The Lost Hermetic 8th Principle

    A brilliant talk by Mark Passio on the Lost Hermetic 8th Principle, which governs creation. See The Mark Passio Seven Hermetic Principles Below In Next Post

    Occultists know this knowledge. Highest level 33rd degree masons know this knowledge.

    The general public does not. We are only given watered down, half truths about the law of attraction.

    I highly recommend watching the full talk. (linked below) Mark is a very intelligent man, who provides the one of the best explanations of the 7 hermetic principles I've come across.

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    Mark Passio The Seven Hermetic Principles

    Four of the seven "Hermetic Principles" that define the natural laws of the universe are intimately connected to the mirrors process, they are the Principle of Correspondence, of Polarity, of Cause and Effect, and of Gender.

    Mastering the mirrors process is the single most important spiritual step that a person can take to transforming their life and taking back their personal power.

    This process is a practical way to unravel the patterns of "why" your life is manifesting as it is, and "why" you behave and experience life as you do. Once all of the mirrors are understood, you can then experience life in a conscious manner, rather than the old, repetitive unconscious fashion that you used to experience life. Life doesn't happen to you anymore, as you now get to make life happen.