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How Freemasonry Saved The World

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  • How Freemasonry Saved The World

    How Freemasonry Saved The World

    As Oliver Hardey Said. I Have Nothing To Say About This Write Up
    What About ALL The Alleged Civil Wars Theyve Started. And ALL The Alleged Killing They've Done To Get There Own Way. Or Killed Someone To Just Shhhh Them Up??? Well It's All Alleged. So They Must Be Innocent. Just Ask One hahaha

    With a pedigree and history that can be variously traced back to the medieval Templars and Hospitallers, the Egyptians, Greeks and many pre-Christian societies that cultivated and passed on arcane knowledge, Freemasonry has, in its various forms, risen time and again when the world needed it most.

    A tonic of reason to cure the ills of intolerance, ignorance, despotism and fanaticism, Freemasonry has - over the centuries - often been the only glimmer of light amid extended periods of darkness. In How Freemasonry Saved the World and How It Can Do So Again, author, journalist and historian Stephen Dafoe takes the reader through Freemasonrys rich tapestry of greatness - both recorded and unrecorded - to show how the Craft has subtly appeared time and again to save humanity from itself and to champion the oppressed.

    Dafoe shows that whether openly promoting democracy, education and knowledge or subconsciously transferring esoteric concepts only to be appreciated and understood by a few; Freemasonry has been the guardian and the carrier of the greatest parts of humanity from generation to generation, while staunchly opposing and fighting its worst parts. At a time when the world is once again struggling, perhaps the most important message in Dafoes book is how and why Freemasonry can and must save the world yet again.

    I Hope To Save The World. And The Profane From ALL Freemasonry