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The FreeMasons 4 Parts 1987

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  • The FreeMasons 4 Parts 1987

    The FreeMasons 1987 Part 1

    This video shows the freemasons and there system and practices, how they are made up of ordinary people and how they donate money to charities, this isn't a conspiracy video, not saying that conspiracy's don't exist either, but just a old video i have found that shows freemasonry and how it works.

    Take a look into the lodge and the grand lodge in london. Based around charity and good works, master masons are mentioned the symbols and symbolism of freemasonry, how they donate money.

    Not a conspiracy video on 2012 or the new world order nwo or the global credit crunch, but more looking at the origins of masonry in the past and in modern times, well 1987 this video is quite a few years old.

    This video the freemasons was put out in 1987 due to bad press about freemasonry as a way of dispelling the bad press, obviously freemasonry will have its problems due to its large membership, but overall the design of the organisation might have some good aspects also, freemasonry has the york rite and scottish rite with 33 degrees of initiation.

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    The FreeMasons 1987 Part 2


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      The FreeMasons 1987 Part 3


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        The FreeMasons 1987 Part 4