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Alfred Creigh History Of The Knights Templar Of Pennsylvania 1867

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  • Alfred Creigh History Of The Knights Templar Of Pennsylvania 1867

    Alfred Creigh History Of The Knights Templar Of Pennsylvania 1867

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    The present work on the Templarism of Pennsylvania is purely historical; collected and arranged from scattered memorials and authentic papers, which from time to time were committed to and collected by the Author, from many worthy Sir Knights, who feel that Pennsylvania should be honored as the Keystone of the Templar Arch.

    The lapse of time the decease of the Sir Knights who inaugurated the Orders of Knighthood in this State the destruction of the minutes by fire and the persecuting Spirit of Anti-masonry, were the originating causes which led to the destruction of many valuable papers ; which, if now in exist- ence, would explain and demonstrate those essentials , in which we are now in doubt and perplexity. Every craftsman in the exercise of his particular art provides himself with the proper implements, necessary to carry to perfection the object he desires to attain and however anxious I may feel, to place myself in the same position, the causes I have stated, prevent me from procuring the full basis upon which to erect a superstructure worthy of the Knighthood of Pennsylvania.

    It is my ardent desire however, that the de- scendants of those noble Sir Knights who have been enrolled under our Banners and whose names appear on these pages, and who may have in their possession any documents, pam- phlets, diplomas, etc., etc., on the subject of Knighthood, will immediately forward the same to the Author, so that in the next edition of this work the Templarism of Pennsylvania may be perfected and finished. The Bight Eminent Sir Benjamin Parke, Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Pennsylvania, in his annual address truly and prophetically said, that “when the history of Knighthood in the United States should be written, Pennsylvania Knighthood, like Penn- sylvania Masonry, will stand the grandest, the firmest, if not the loftiest column in the Union.

    With the kindest feelings towards all our Sister Grand Com-manderies with the highest respect for those ancient Grand Encampments who labored for the introduction of Knighthood into their respective States and who afterwards unitedly formed a general Grand body we have the highest respect, esteem and veneration and would not detract from their merits, in their noble efforts, to preserve and perpetuate Templarism. The work of their Fathers is worthy of all commendation, and they would be recreant to their duties as Templars did they not guard their altars and their fame with the most religious attachment and love.

    But in their zeal, they must not forget to honor the State of Pennsylvania, who by the organization of the first Grand Encampment of Pennsylvania, breathed into Knighthood the breath of life, May 12, 1797 and in the infancy of the United States, arose to manhood. Although she bears upon her brow the manhood of seventy years— yet she has not the marks of old age, nor signs of decay, but all the vigor of youth ; pressing forward to the attainment of those high and holy principles for which our Fathers inaugurated the Orders of Christian Knighthood the God-like principles of defending innocent maidens helpless orphans destitute widows and the Christian Religion. In these high and holy efforts, to preserve the peace, purity and perpetuity of Christian Knighthood may the Sir Knights of Pennsylvania and those of our Sister jurisdiction be preminently successful. Alfred Creigh. Ellendale Villa, Washington, Pa.,) September 10 , 1866 . )