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Albert Churchward The Arcana Of Freemasonry

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  • Albert Churchward The Arcana Of Freemasonry

    Albert Churchward The Arcana Of Freemasonry

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    From Egyptian history and Mayan relief work, through Greek mathematicians, philosophers and metaphysicians, Churchward traces the most basic symbols of Freemasonry to the hidden symbolism found in the signs and tools of Freemasonry today. With such knowledge, readers may find hidden meanings in all walks of life - hidden in great works of art, architecture, geometry, poetry, and especially contemporary novels that lean on Masonic mysteries as plot devices.

    This Is How They Roll To Get In Power, But Its An Alleged Murder, But Theres Certainly Alot Of Smoke In ALL Things Freemasonry
    The Grand Duke Francis of Lorraine was initiated. He protected the Masons, and the Craft flourished in Italy until 1737, when Juan Gascon of Medicis, Grand Duke of Tuscany, issued a decree of prohibition against it.
    after his death, which occurred the same year, the Lodges which had been closed were reopened. It was not long, however, before they were denounced to Pope Clement XII, who issued his Bill of 28thApril, 1738, and sent an inquisitor to Florence, who caused various members of the Society to be cast into dungeons. They were set at liberty as soon as Francis of Lorraine became Grand Duke of Tuscany. He not only protected the Masons, but founded lodges in Florence and other places on his estates.