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Charles Whitlock Moore The New Masonic Trestle Board

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  • Charles Whitlock Moore The New Masonic Trestle Board

    Charles Whitlock Moore The New Masonic Trestle Board

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    The New Masonic Trestle-board: Adapted to the Work and Lectures as Practised in the Lodges, Chapters, Councils, and Encampments of Knights Templars, in the United States of America

    This work was originally prepared by order of the National Masonic convention, held at Baltimore, Md., in Ia 43; and was first submitted to the Fraternity in that year. It was favorably received, and has since passed through several editions. It is in very general, use in the Lodges of the United States, and has met with unexpected favor in England, and other parts of Europe.

    The present edition has been carefully revised; and such corrections and additions have been made as were deemed necessary for the greater perfection of the work. In the performance of this duty, the counsel of experienced and competent Brethren has been freely asked, and given. All extraneous and useless matter, and all indefensible assumptions and fabulous history, with which such works are too frequently encumbered, to the prejudice of the character of our Institution, bare been carefully excluded. The work contains just what is required for practical purposes, and nothing more. Absurd and ridiculous pretensions are no more tolerable in societies than in individuals. In the belief that it know as perfect as it can conveniently be made, the work has been handsomely Stereotyped.

    A Second Past has been prepared; containing the Illustrations, Scriptures, Charges, and forms of Ceremonies, appropriate to chapters, Councils, and Encampments. This part of the work has been got up with great care. It is enriched with historical illustrations, and is believed to be, in all respects, not only equally correct, but more complete in matter and arrangement, and better adapted to the purposes for which it is designed, than any other similar work extant. In order to meet the wishes of Brethren, who may not need or desire the second Part, the work is published in three forms, and under slightly different titles
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