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William A Davis History Of The Edinburgh Royal Arch Chapter No 1

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  • William A Davis History Of The Edinburgh Royal Arch Chapter No 1

    William A Davis History Of The Edinburgh Royal Arch Chapter No 1

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    THE design of the writer of this record of the progressive History of Edinburgh Chapter No1 , has been simply to bring before its members, and the Order, a concise narrative of the doings in the Chapter from the date of its Constitution down to the present time, not as will be seen from its perusal, to enter into the lists of the many who have written discussive and critical essays upon the subjects thfey had under review.

    The work has been simplified to a large extent by the completeness of the Chapter's records, so that the difficulty has been, not what to take notice of, but what to leave alone ; and the writer is hopeful that what has been put together in the following pages may prove of general interest. Care has been taken in making quotations to copy them exactly as they appear in the Minutes, so that the quaintness of past phraseology should be preserved, and in instances where it was difficult to embrace the precise wording, the actual phrasing has so far as possible been adopted, which accounts for some of the paragraphs assuming a composition not of the present day.

    In illustrating the Book, the object was kept in view to obtain as many portraits as possible of the earlier officials of prominence. The search for these and following up of clues proved a most interesting occupation, and a pleasing antidote to the pedantic work of the letterpress. It was unfortunately found impossible to secure portraits of all that were desired, but among those produced will be found many of past Masonic interest, and which have not, it is believed, before been published.

    The writer takes the opportunity of recording his most sincere thanks to those Brethren, Companions, relatives and descendants of deceased Companions, and others -not directly connected with Freemasonry, for the great assistance he has received from them in following up the search for Portraits, and in obtaining additional information on matters touched upon in this History, which has greatly added to the general interest. Assistance, whenever asked, has always been most willingly given, in no single instance has help and advice not been readily forthcoming when solicited. While their names are too many to enumerate here, they are asked to accept collectively this grateful acknowledgment.

    WILLIAM A. DAVIS, Edinburgh, December 1910.