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Same Old Replies. And Spiel

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  • Same Old Replies. And Spiel

    Below In The Pictures You'll See How Freemasons Like To Argue There Point Of Denied Wrong Doing.
    Telling Me to Go See A Dr. Your On Drugs. And Just About Everything Else. Including Threats..

    The Blank Pages Are What They Deleted. Or Destroyed to Keep It ALL Shhhhed Up..
    These Argumrnts ALL Happened In January. But In The End I Got Assassinated. And Facebook Deleted My Whole Account For Being Abusive.
    I Guess Freemasons. And Facebook Like To Silence. And Shhh The Facts. And Anything That Is The Real Truth From The Profane
    Which In The End Was My Shhh Posts
    But here Freemasons Can't Hide. Or Delete Nothing From The Profane..

    At The End Of The Day. They Did Everything They Could To Shhh Me Up. Accept Address the Facts. Questions. Or Problems There Responsible For In Life to People.
    Especially As a Society Doing Good
    See The Pattern. And Can You Add More To My Collection From Other Groups. Or Forums Posts
    Screenshots Are Appreciated Thanks

    The easiest way to spread lies. Or give false information is to set up like your enemies. And I've seen time and again freemasons posting alsorts of crap about God. Flat earth. Aliens to distract YOU all from the truth. My links speak for themselves. Or is it only those that post the truth are liers. Conspiracy nut jobs etc. Etc

    Oh and don't forget we all wear Tin Hats.
    Plenty of people are wise to the Corruption Within Freemasonry. Whole forums. And communities are well onto ALl you Freemasons.
    Research for Yourself. And See

    Read this brilliant book

    Here's the Google link q=corrupt+freemasons&oq=&

    Anyone stupid enough to believe anyone else. Or take a word. Or even MY STATEMENT. Before doing the research on it themselves IS STUPID..
    Why would YOU Even Do That????

    If people want to believe a fool like me maybe. Or a freemason that dont know me. Who will say i'm a Conspiracy Nut Job. Or on Drugs...
    When infact all I'm saying to YOU is. Go look at my links. Read the info I've posted. Including ALL the Other V.O.M.I.Ts. And Do your OWN research. And Think for Yourself to Find the Truth. And really Decide whats Right on Your Own Merits. And Seriously Research for the Truth for Yourself...
    Don't believe Me. Or even any saintly freemason who could not possibly Lie to You. Or So they Say. Do NO Wrong. Just Trust them like any other stranger you may meet is honest. Who will say to YOU we are Not ALL corrupt. Or Like That lolol

    But Go out and find out for yourself people. If your reading this. Go And see who is telling the truth.
    Ask Yourselves am I lieing. Or our good friend the Freakmasons???. Who are really Honest..
    Who can only say I'm mad. Or a Conspiracy Nut Job. Whos completely out of touch with reality. And Life..
    Go see if im only Talking Incoherent Babbling. And that i can never be Convincing to YOU. Or anyone.

    Check out V.O.M.I.T
    Victims Of Masonic Ill Treatment here

    If you Read there Replies to the Old Man. You'll see it's the Same Script. It's a Conspiracy. He's a Babbling Old Fool. It's all Lies. He has Delusions. And it's ONLY Him Speaking. And Hes ALL Alone in His Opinion. And the same thing goes on in many other forums. And Groups
    The same crap from hard done by freemasons.
    Who are innocent of anything. And Everything.
    Another Great Link On V.O.M.I.T

    And it goes On and On. Heres Barry Hunt whos another Lier. And Conspiracy Nut Job according to freemasons hahahha

    Second Family Ti Victims by Freemasons

    And this Link has been Shhhed Up. And Deleted
    Freemasons are really good at that. Especially if they control the forum. Or group

    Read Derek Ryders post. And story. Who again is another conspiracy nut job according to all freakmasons here
    OOPs its Another Link that has Disappeared. But Unlucky for Freemasons. It can be found on the Link Below.
    Interestingly Enough it Shows All about BBC1. And there Masonic Shhh Cover Up. And Help.
    I mean look what they did for Jimmy Savile. Its ALL here

    You can Actually Find Freemasons learned Scripts for forums. And Any Posts they have to make here
    I'll post it ALL Below Anyway. But this is what they do. And Rehearse.
    They learn ALL this to keep the Profane in Check. And keep the truth Hidden. And Shhhed Up

    THIS IS A faq.txt FOR THE FREEMASONS. IT GIVE GOOD INSIGHT INTO THE ARGUMENTS AND COUNTER ARGUMENTS THEY USE. It is also very indicative of the types of quick fire answers that all freemasons will give. Their training is a form of brainwashing that allows them to come out the marvelous statements like "we are not a secret society... .we are a society of secrets"... and many other gems. WE ALL KNOW

    Freemasonic will also deny their satanic links wth many colourful prepreapred statements. You start to see through it all very quickly when you realise that every freemason you ever speak to gives you almost word for word repeated statements about how they are a nice loving bunch who wouldn't harm a fly and do so much for charity..... hmmmm. So did Jimmy Savile do so much for Charity. Even Al Capone had Charity Soup Kitchens during his Bootlegging Days..

    My favourite of course is.... Its only this Person On his Own with That Opinion. Its a Conspiracy. Or the Person is Suffering with Madness. On Drugs. Or has Delusional Problems. Who needs a Doctor. Or psychiatrist....
    Its Really a Wonder they aint Built Another Broadmoor for all the Nut Jobs Speaking out on Corrupt Freemasons. And there Lodges haha
    Ever met a freemason. Ever been screwed over by one. Cough cough!!!!

    Go Research Yourself. As You'll Soon See the Truth. As I said Don't Believe Me. And Certainly DONT Believe a Freemason.
    NO Person. Society. ( Secret. Or Not ) Or a Group. Who is Actually Corrupt. Will Never. Or is Ever Going to Admit it. Or Tell YOU That there really Bad. Untrustworthy. Corrupt. Or Criminal...
    What they Do is Keep Quiet. And Shhh Things Up..
    Weather through Isolation with Rumours. Or just Outright Murder. Because they know Time is on there Side. Look at JFK. 911. Sandy Hook. Jill Dando. Or Lady Diana.
    Its ALL Very Shhhed Up Now. And NO One Mentions The Events. Well Accept the Truthers. And Those Who really Know the Truth...

    Seriously Do YOU Really Think they Are that Stupid???
    That they are Goung to Tell A Profane Person like YOU. What they Really Get Up Too????

    Read This Petition. Its Not a Lie. And Sign It..
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    More Masonic Arguments I Had In May. 2018.
    And Its Just The Same Freemason Abuse Of Denied Corruption. Including telling Me To Go See A Dr. And ALL The Other Typical Crap
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      Arguments July To December 2018
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        January To February
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