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The Communist And Masonic Infiltration Of America And Catholic Church

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  • The Communist And Masonic Infiltration Of America And Catholic Church

    The Communist and Masonic Infiltration of America and the Catholic Church by Dr. James Wardner(Final Edition)

    The Oaths of the Freemasons

    This video shows what Communism really is and how modern day "Catholics" endorse communist and Freemasonic ideas and philosophies which are opposed to Catholic teaching

    He Knows There's Only One Party. And Only One Group That Protects Each Other Against ALL Profane PeopleThe Communist and Masonic Infiltration of America and the Catholic Church by Dr. James Wardner(Final Edition)

    The Oaths of the Freemasons

    This video shows what Communism really is and how modern day "Catholics" endorse communist and Freemasonic ideas and philosophies which are opposed to Catholic teaching

    He Knows There's Only One Party. And Only One Group That Protects Each Other Against ALL Profane People

    Notice the masonic Fleur De Lis in the background on the Joan of Arc flag. Or Banner
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    BTW The story of Joan of Arc is a perfect example of the blood lines fighting. The name she went by to the people who knew her was Jeanne d’Arc, some say her real name was Jeanne Dark.

    She was known as the Maid of Orleans. Joan has people that are very well-connected to freemasonry, mainly the Templars, all around her.

    The main one is René d’Anjou who was a friend of Leonardo da Vinci. Come to find out these two were both connected to the Priority of Sion. The Priority of Sion was a precursor to the Knights Templars. The Knights Templars were disbanded in 1307, but never disappeared. They just went into hiding. The Templars are the guardians of the blood line of Mary Magdalene etc. Etc

    To start with they gave Joan’s birth a star prophecy. Historical record says she was born on the 12th night of Christmas, Jan 6, 1412. This is also known as the Feast of Epiphany and Three Kings day. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake as a Witch.

    Since they didn’t give Witches a trial at this point in history, she was just presumed guilty. Her burning was rather gruesome, but I will come to that later. I have no doubt some of her history is fiction, but it has clues left to show the truth.

    Lets continue with her name, Arc. Arc in french means a bow. Which could go along with the star prophecy of Venus being in Sagittarius. Sagittarius has a bow, but I think that Arc is pointing to Egypt. Ark of the Covenant and Noah’s Ark, to the people with eyes to see and ears to hear, have to do with Egypt.

    There are occult stories of Joan being the illegitimate daughter of Queen Isabeau and her brother-in-law, Louis of Orléans, making Joan the half-sister of the Dauphin, Charles VII. So now we know she was royalty. Her being the daughter of Isabeau meant she carried on the blood line and if she had a son, he would be the rightful heir to the throne. I believe she was given to foster parents as a baby to hide her from the church and royals. Her foster parents told her the truth as she was growing up.

    The story goes that Joan is taken to the Dauphin by René d’Anjou. He puts her in mens clothing to sneak her in. It is said that Charles hid among all his men, but she was able to pick him out by divine inspiration. If she was his half-sister she knew who he was. She tells him a ‘secret’ that only he should know. For this ‘secret’ she is made head of the armies. She drives the English out of Orleans and leads the Dauphin to his coronation as King Charles VII. Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, or What You Will comes to mind when seeing this history.

    Joan has a brief glorious military career, she is captured by the Burgundians, sold to the English, tried and burned at the stake, all while Charles VII looks the other way. Of course he looked the other way, she was the bloodline and could pass it on. It wasn’t just any old bloodline, it was the bloodline of the Biblical Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

    Those of you that think I am way out there, think of this. The stories of her dressing like a man are correct. They didn’t just try to get her in the kingdom looking like a man. The ‘bob’ hair style that became popular in Paris is from Joan. She dressed and looked like this to portray androgyny.

    Just like Jesus and his disciples dressing like a woman and becoming eunuchs, she was trying to be like the first creation, the Lemurians (see Lemurian Magic and His Royal Jesus). Why do they give Joan of Arc such a hard way to go for cross dressing, when every priest today still puts on a dress before he goes out to give all the lies?

    The true teachings of Jesus had nothing to do with what you are taught today. She was following her ancestors true teachings. I know I’m on solid ground because of this quote by Joan “I loved my banner forty times better than my sword. And when I went against my enemy, I carried my banner myself, lest I kill any. I have never killed a man”. According to Laurence Gardner that banner relates to the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

    If you know my work, you know forty is code for being in on the secrets. It is why forty is mentioned with certain people in the Bible. It’s just a badge of initiation into the Giza rites. The Great Pyramid is 40 times the copy of Pi fractional 22:7. See Ralph Ellis’ work for more on 40.

    Now we move on to how she was called Maid. Maid is short for Maiden and is the first of the triple goddesses. The other two being mother and crone. Maiden in old english is Maegden,meaning young person, but I think it is pointing to Magdalene. That is how these witty scribes work.

    She also had red or ginger hair, which goes all the way back to Egyptian royalty. Whether you are ready to accept it or not, all Egyptian royalty had red or ginger hair. This includes the bloodline of the biblical Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The Pharaohs that have been unwrapped all have red or ginger hair.

    Mainstream archeologists are trying to cover it up by saying it was the embalming fluid that bleached their hair. No, its time for the truth to come out. Even Muhammad bleached his hair to make it look red, so he could be like Jesus and the Egyptian Pharaohs. The western world is run by the bloodline of the ancient Egyptian royalty.

    Why did Joan have so many Masons around her? Are the Masons not a Patriarch group? As I have shown in previous work, true knowledge in this world is gone. Very few of todays Masons have any true knowledge. I have shown that I believe that true Masonry was a Lemurian invention.

    The Lemurians were a Matriarch. After the Patriarchs took control of Masonry they made it what it is today, a very secretive, patriarchal group. The image with the compass and square with the G in the middle was no exception. You are told that the G stands for Grand Architect of the Universe or God.

    So what does the G actually stand for? I told you a matriarchal group created true masonry. The G stands for Goddess or Great Mother. The people who are in the true secrets know this. The compass and square were put on there because that is the only way a man can create, through architecture, creating with his hands. The ancients knew it is the female that gives birth to life and they venerated her for it.

    New initiates into freemasonry are told to look for the ‘Lost Word’, it is the real name of God. By the third degree they give them a hint and are told to look at the ‘Bright and Morning Star’ or Venus. Ralph Ellis has also shown how the females in the bloodline were called Queen of Sheba or Queen of the Stars.

    To keep the true meaning of what Masonry is, they put the square and compass in a shape of a….you guessed it, a vagina. This is what the diamond shape in the center symbolizes. All the leaders of the patriarch religions know the Sacred Feminine is the key. That is why we have the Holy Grail, a cup is a feminine symbol. It’s is why priests wear a dress. It is also why when someone in the know builds a church, it has a clitoris above the door. Humans are masculine by nature, the sacred feminine is the key to enlightenment. But you’re not suppose to know that. Shhhh (See Holy Grail)

    Back to Joan. The number one way I know she was of this bloodline is because she was burned at the stake for Heresy and Witchcraft. As I have shown in The Witch post, the church was after one bloodline and that was Mary Magdalene’s bloodline. The people doing the dirty work for the church didn’t understand any of the secrets.

    According to one account of the day, when Joan had succumbed to the flames the fire was “raked back, and her naked body shown to all the people, and all the secrets that could or should belong to a woman, to take away any doubts from the people’s minds. When they had stared long enough at her dead body bound to the stake, the executioner got the fire going again round her poor carcass, which was soon burned, both flesh and bone reduced to ash”.

    In other words they were looking to see if she was androgynous, and she wasn’t. Twenty four years later Joan is tried again posthumously and the verdict is nullified. Almost 500 years later Joan of Arc is canonized as Saint Joan in 1920. Some how I think the truth was threatened unless these actions were taken.

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    As With ALL Freemasonry. It ALL Alleged. And Rumours. But The Point Is. It Goes To Show How Freemasonry Is Deep In Within Everyone's Lives. And How Long There Been Doing It Throughout The Centuries. Always A Conspiracy Theory With Muddy Waters To Confuse The Profane. Even Amongst Themselves