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No 4 All About Hazing

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  • No 4 All About Hazing

    Part 1

    Below in the Picture you'll see a Masonic Initiation Waiver Form. That ALL Candidates have to Sign against Physically. Mentally. Or Emotionally Abuse. And the reasons WHY are gven Below
    The Second Picture is of A Blood Hazing Ritual. Which is again explained below..

    It's VERY important to listen to this YouTube Video

    This will partly explains how Hazing is used to select Candidates within masonry to do certain jobs. Or chores for the Brotherhood. And how there Selected to Go one way. Or the Other..
    Good. Or Bad

    As an example in the Video you'll here the Mason tell you there was 4 Bibles on the Altar Table. And he was given the choice to kiss only one bible. And by doing so. This segregated him. And others from other members. Who ALL went through another Door. All Depending on which bible they chose to kiss. Now this is VERY Important.
    ( Just a side Note. NO Bible that is kissed by a member is wrong. It just shows the leaders watching. which way to steer the candidates up the corrupt ladder of Freemasonry )
    So remember only 1 bible is RIght. And this is the one they watch. And want the candidate to kiss.

    Heres another Great example of Hazing. And Kissing the Bible..
    Again the Candidates are asked to kiss a Bible. And then a little later on in the Ritual they are asked to Spit on the Bible ( Again weather the Candidate Spits. Or Refuses to Spit. It does not matter. It just to show the leaders watching. which way to steer the candidates up the corrupt ladder of Freemasonry )

    If the Candidate Spits. Then he will be directed up to Worship the Masonic Devil God. And If he dont spit. Then he will be directed up the ladder to be a Layer of Protection. And Deniability for those above him. Who are Corrupt...

    I want YOU to understand that Each. And Every Ritual. Ceremony. Or Hazing Game is a Test.
    Candidates are watched. And Tested ALL the time by there Leaders in the Lodge
    And there well rewarded for there Loyalty too. They are given Medals. Honours. Status. Rank. And regular Money Payments.

    Anyway let's say they wanted an Assassin. Or want to know who is really a killer. How would you. Or do you go about finding out who could. Or would be willing to kill for the Brotherhood. Or there Lodge???
    How do YOU find out how far someone is willing to go for a Cult. Army. Or Gang. How do they single people out like that?????
    YOU Use A Masonic Hazing Ritual..
    Look at the Freemasons having a Hazing Ritual With The Tied Up Sheep on the Table.
    Notice the Hoodwinked Freemason Candidate with the Knife. And the other Freemason Guiding his Hand to Feel Over the Shaved Sheeps Chest...

    The Mason kneeling at the head of the sheep. is there to Act as Human sound Effect. Maybe Pleading for his Life. So the Candidate thinks theres a Real Live Human Being Laying on that Table. If you look the Sheeps Mouth is Tied. And Gagged.
    And the only reason that Sheeps Chest is Shaved. Is so when the Freemason Puts the Candidates Hand on that Chest. He will feel a Heart Beat. Warm Flesh. Skin. And Blood....

    Weather the Candidate Stabs the Man. I mean Sheep. Or Not. Really Does not matter. ( Personally I think ALL Candidates Stab It )
    But what they experience is how it feels to kill someone. Blood and ALL. Maybe the Candidate is told the Man on the table has Betrayed the Brotherhood. Maybe a Rapist. Or Pedo..
    Either way. It tells the leaders watching which way to steer him in the Craft. And if he's capable of Murder. Then becoming an assassin to be sent anywhere around the World. won't be a problem. Which Ive explained before in another Hazing Post... But is that Not a Masonic Blood Ritual???
    But maybe that's just a Conspiracy Theory by Me
    Let me Go Get My Tin Hat Hahaha

    See Part 2 Below On What Went Wrong with an actual Masonic Gun Ritual. And Another Test

    But take Special Notice of the Special Words Used. A SELECT GROUP. See its ALL about Selection. And the Title. A Grandmaster Lmfao
    Also look at the Blatant Masonic Lie from The Grandmaster of the Lodge
    The Grandmaster of the New York State Freemasons issued a Statement Denying that Guns Played any role in official lodge ceremonies. BULLSHIT MATE

    Which begs the question. Why was there 2 BIG Guns in the lodge in the 1St place. Or did the Guy intended to frighten him 1st. Then kill the man out right later. I mean does any of it ring true???

    As you learn about how Freemasons can Lie. And will lie to Protect themselves with a wall of Silence. And with a Shhh. You'll Not Be So Profane
    Hopefully you'll see what there ALL About

    Finally if you've been to my Shhh Forums. And understood them properly. Then go try asking a Masons on Facebook. Or a Forum. On what happened. And the 1st thing they will say to YOU is WHAT???
    That Don't happen in our district. Thats not US. We Don't Do That. Thats never gone on in any of my lodge meeting. And ALL the other excuses I've mentioned to you in the Shhh Forums. Which is more Deniability on there Corruption..
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    Part 2

    Man Killed in Masonic Gun Ritual

    An initiation ceremony at a Masonic Lodge in New York has ended in tragedy after a man was killed during a ritual for new members.

    Guns, A Guillotine and Mechanical Rat Traps played a regular role in a secret Masonic ritual that turned deadly for a Long Island man, police said yesterday.

    William James was accidentally shot in the head when a lodge member used a real gun instead of a blank pistol by mistake.
    The alleged gunman, a freemason aged 74, has been charged with manslaughter.

    It was supposed to have been the climax of the initiation rituals at the Southside Masonic Lodge in Long Island.
    Police said that William James was forced to sit in a chair with a gun pointed straight at him.

    Aim was to frighten
    Cans were placed on a small platform around his head.
    When the gun was fired another member was supposed to knock the cans off as if they had been hit by bullets.
    The aim was to frighten their new recruit.

    But Albert Eid, a long-serving freemason, had two guns in his pocket, one with blanks and one with real bullets.
    He apparently pulled the wrong one, killing Mr James.

    The initiation rituals and symbols of the Masons have long been shrouded in secrecy but the grandmaster of the New York State Freemasons issued a statement denying that guns played any role in official lodge ceremonies.

    William James was apparently being sworn into a select group within his lodge but it was a prank which went fatally wrong.

    The Grand Lodge, which oversees all Masonic organizations in New York, declined comment on the tragedy except to say guns are not a normal part of its rituals.

    Members of the Patchogue lodge claim they’ve used guns in some initiation ceremonies for more than 70 years, police said.

    An expert on Masonic practices said guns and guillotines play no role in the organization’s most ancient traditions.

    “Sometimes, lodges come into habits on their own, and no one knows about them,” said Richard Fletcher of the Masonic Information Center, which represents Masonic groups nationally.

    “We were formed in the Middle Ages, before there were guns,” Fletcher said.

    The rat traps were snapped shut in front of initiates’ faces to startle them, said Suffolk Detective Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick. He was unsure what role the guillotine played.
    As I've said. Hazing can be used to find a Killer. Or an Assassin willing to Kill for the Botherhood.

    BUT What About That Guillotine. What Is The Story Behind That????
    Maybe they show Videos of People actually getting Killed in a Lodge. As it's not gonna be very Hard for an Elite Freemason to have Access to alsorts of Snuff Films.
    What if there shown a Film 1st to see how they may react. And then see what the Candidates may have to say about it afterwards. And depending on what's said. They then truly give the Candidate a chance to take Part in a Hanging. Or Guillotine Ritual
    It's not hard to make someone disappear off the streets. And with that. Maybe that's WHY ALL Masons keep quiet. And Shhh. As they've seen it for real with there own Eyes. And it scares the Shit Out Of Them. Especially ALL those Oaths that are Taken. As there not Sworn to these Oaths as a laugh. Or Joke

    I Don't Know. Freemasons seem to Use alot of Guns. And Knives. What do you think??

    And just for those who think it's hard to get a Body of a Homeless Man off the streets.
    Check this link below. And see how easy it is to make off with 460.000 kids. That Go Missing for Ritual Pedo Hazing

    BTW The Media. And press are well Silent. And Shhhed Up
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      Part 3

      Man sues Shriners over initiation injuries Trial exposes secret ritual in which electric shock is used on initiates.

      Veil of secrecy that shrouds the initiation rites of Shriners has been lifted as the result of a Lexington man's lawsuit against Oleika Shrine Temple.

      The opening of the trial was shown live yesterday by local cable television, enabling people to sit home and learn all about what Shriners call their "hot sands session."

      Michael G. Vaughan, 44, a brick mason and would-be Shriner, told jurors of being blindfolded and having a jolt of electricity applied to his bare buttocks as part of the initiation rites in June 1989 at the temple. He also told of having to walk on an electrified mat that was supposed to simulate the hot sands of the Sahara, of being knocked unconscious and suffering other injuries during the initiation.

      Vaughan claims he was was humiliated and embarrassed by the ordeal. The humiliation, he said, causes him to suffer anxiety, a sleep disorder and nightmares.

      He is seeking an unspecified amount for medical bills, lost income and punitive damages.

      Attorneys for the shrine and six of its members say that Vaughn was not injured and that he filed the suit out of greed.

      The defense attorneys said they would bring in witnesses who say the ritual was not painful, but fun.

      By the time a jury was seated yesterday there was time for but one witness to take the stand -- Vaughan.

      On direct examination by his own attorney, John Hamilton, Vaughan described three electrical shocks he received during the induction ceremony. The first -- the one to his buttocks -- was the most painful, he said. Vaughan said he was led blindfolded into a room where the blindfold was lifted long enough to let him see a red hot branding iron bearing a shrine emblem.

      Vaughan was then told to lay on a table and pull down his boxer shorts. That's when he was given an jolt with a stick wired to a 12-volt motorcycle battery. He was not branded with the hot iron.

      He said the pain was so great it lifted him off the table.

      "It lifts you off the table a foot or two," he told the jury.

      He also told of being shocked while sitting on a metal bench and while standing on the electrified mat.

      "At any time, did you feel like you could walk away and quit and still be accepted for membership?" Hamilton asked.

      "No, you were intimidated to the point to where it never entered your mind that you could get out of this place. It was a very fearful situation," Vaughan replied.
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        Part 4

        The Result is NOT a Suprise. I'd of Asked how many jury members had a Grip on all that is Rite.
        Especially my own lawyer. Including the Judge. And Barristers Hahaha

        Jury Rejects Man’s Claim He Was Hurt in Shriners’ Initiation Rite

        A jury Friday rejected a man’s argument that a secret Shriners initiation rite humiliated him and gave him nightmares and a sleeping disorder that left him disabled.

        After a weeklong trial that shed light on the organization’s secret ceremonies, the Fayette County Circuit panel took less than two hours to decide the Shriners owed Michael Vaughan nothing.

        ″I accept the verdict of the jury,″ Vaughan said afterward. ″I’m disappointed but I think I’ve done my job. I hold no animosity.″

        Vaughan, 44, a brick mason, sought unspecified punitive damages plus reimbursement for medical expenses and income he says he lost after his initiation at the Oleika Shrine Temple in June 1989.

        He said he was knocked unconscious after enduring humiliation with electric shocks and whipped cream. Named in the suit were the temple and six men who conducted the ceremony.

        Lawyers for the Shrine argued that Vaughan faked his injuries to try to get money from the organization.

        Greg Jenkins, the temple’s lawyer, called the verdict ″a victory for private organizations in that they have some rights to privacy.″

        During the weeklong trial, Vaughan recounted how he and about 40 other initiates were blindfolded before receiving electric shocks on their bare buttocks, a stunt intended to mimick branding with a hot iron.

        After that, Vaughan said, they had to lie on a table with their undershorts pulled down.

        Vaughan said his boxer shorts were taped to his legs, and he expected that at any moment a sinkful of strawberries, whipped cream and ice cream would be poured into them.

        That didn’t happen, he said, because the table fell over and he went with it. He said he was knocked unconscious when his head hit the floor.

        Vaughan never returned to the temple and never paid dues.

        In closing arguments Friday, Jenkins described the Shrine as a ″fun organization for a serious purpose.″

        ″Michael Vaughan couldn’t stand it,″ Jenkins said. ″He wanted to rip down the whole curtain″ shrouding the secret rites.

        But John Hamilton, Vaughan’s attorney, argued that his client suffered anguish pressing his case. ″Michael Vaughan does not have the ability to deal with stress like the rest of us,″ Hamilton told the jurors. ″He can’t walk away. He can’t escape this.″

        A medical expert testified that Vaughan suffered an anxiety disorder as a result of the initiation and is now 15 percent disabled.

        Vaughan’s physician, Dr. Clark Bailey, also testified that Vaughan first complained of nightmares and sleeping difficulties in 1986, long before the Shriners’ rite.

        The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobels of the Mystic Shrine claims about 725,000 members in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
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