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  • Please Leave Feedback. And Ideas

    Please Leave Any Feedback. And Ideas Here
    Any Forum Categories You'd like to see. Or Anything Else Etc. Etc
    Please remember I'm still building this Forum. And a lot of info need to be added

    The actual site address is

    Which means in Freemasonry. The Key To The Hidden Treasure

    Thanks for your patients

    BTW I'm building this forum. As I'm sick of Farcebook Restricting posts. Banning the Truth to be told. And all there other tricks. Like hiding Groups. And throttling down posts so audiences don't see shit
    Check the pictures below how Facebook is already banning my forum link as abuse. And that happened within minutes of me sending it to other people on messanger

    WHY if your a truther would you put up with this???

    Don't believe me????
    Go post these 2 links below on Facebook.
    There 100% facts about our Government. And the TRUTH.
    See if YOU can post these 2 links. Or see what Happens to your account

    130 Convicted Pedo Councillors that run our towns. And cities. Who we trust
    Many are Freemasons?

    Then come back. Take screenshots. And tell us the story here

    here's a few Topics I'll be addressing

    Micro chip
    Police corruption
    Social services
    Useless charity aide
    Corrupt charities
    Attached Files