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    /G\ Remember Masonic Doctors Are NOT Your Friends...... BTW This Also Stands For Courts. Police. Social Services. Councils. THEY ALL Work For Freemasonry. And Only Freemasonry. And The List Goes On. And On With Freemasonry......

    The grave-vines of medicine are filled with tales of freemasonry influence. Most cannot be proven. Rumours include, methods of obtaining senior positions, maintaining the establishment's interests, using mental illness as a way to stigmatise those who rock the status quo, corruption in medicine and influencing outcomes of inquiries or complaints. One of the hottest rumours is the alleged influence of freemasonry in the Bristol Inquiry . It is important to understand that none of this is evidence based. They are a summary of discussions that take place throughout the medical profession.

    Rumours infiltrate through the medical profession, through doctor's messes and behind closed doors. For perceived victims of freemasonry, there appears to be an impression that they are left fighting unknown shadows. Those who outline events regarding freemasonry are generally regarded as paranoid conspiracy theorists. That may be convenient for freemasonry but in reality, the history is peppered with secret societies, the use of influence and the need to achieve maximum power and control. This is accompanied by unaccountability. The victims' tales have never been tested, investigated or analysed.

    Of course, there has never been an inquiry into the influence of freemasonry in the legal system. The people affected are often too traumatised and even when complaints are made, they may be essentially discarded. The same traits are applicable in medicine. No one actually knows how freemasonry has affected health professionals and the public. The most we can do is present an evidence based catalogue of associations to freemasonry in the hope that the public are better informed. Freemasonry in medicine will probably remain a closely guarded secret. Those with the power to instigate inquiries may be eager to avert public gaze away from scrutiny.

    The Foundation Lodge states "Over the years many of the towns leading 'personalities' have been Freemasons such as MPs, mayors, solicitors, doctors and a range of professional men. Dr Edward Jenner was a member of the Lodge" This summarises how prevalent freemasonry is.

    In the year 2000, the Independent published an article about the links between the NHS and freemasonry. .

    "There are concerns within Whitehall that the GMC may have been slow to act against doctors because of a Freemason network within the NHS"

    It went onto state "There are an estimated 8,000 masonic lodges in England and Wales. A number of leading hospitals, including the Royal London, have lodges, but exact figures are elusive and few doctors openly admit to being mason"

    By 2001, the BBC reported as follows "General Medical Council members have been forced to reveal whether they are freemasons. And their details have now been published on a register of interests, which is open to public scrutiny".. As usual, the General Medical Council found itself locked into a corner and having to maintain public confidence.

    In summary, we can conclude that freemasonry is probably involved in most aspects of medicine, UK medical policy and serves to maintain the establishment's interests. The Freemasons would argue that they have contributed much to medicine. Those who have been victims of freemasonry are unlikely to have their voices heard in an environment where secret societies are not held accountable or scrutinised. Overall, freemasonry will exist in the future without scrutiny or transparency.

    In a transparent and democratic society, perhaps someone should suggest an independent inquiry into freemasonry. Perhaps the Health Select Committee could look into it. Or perhaps, the Health Select Committee will shy away from disclosing their own links to freemasonry. I am quite positive - if freemasons have nothing to hide, they will welcome an inquiry into its role in medicine. Freemasons should look upon an inquiry as a way to achieve vindication or accountability - depending which side the evidence tilts. Of course, life is never as simple as that when establishment interests are at stake.

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    The Freemasons are one of the oldest and most well-known societies in the world. The have been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories throughout the years.