Serco Is Not Serco. It's Freemasonry

/G\ See people are starting to name it as it is.
Serco is NOT Serco.
It's Freemasonry but just under another name. Just the same as this list below is ALL Masonry

Queen = Freemasonry
Government = Freemasonry
PM = Freemasonry
MPs = Freemasonry
Parliament = Freemasonry
Protected Nonces = Freemasonry
Councils = Freemasonry
Police = Freemasonry
Social Services = Freemasonry
Bailiffs = Freemasonry
Doctors = Freemasonry
Matrons = Freemasonry
Schools = Freemasonry
Gangsters = Freemasonry
And The List Goes On

This Was What Was Said on Farcebook

the nhs aren't the nhs now they haven't told the uk it is sold to serco look up the owner of serco . I cant get a gp because I filmed a piece of masonic trash refusing me treatment after I explained I am exempt i was struck off the list and they have made sure I dont get another mean while my knee is buckled in the shape of a bow and a tear in the cartledge my knee is full of fluid and arthritis i have three prolapsed spinal discs 9n 13cmedications one being fentaynl patches and pregablim can't even get one medication and haven't for nearly a month there evil satanic murderous cants have i fuck got any respect for demonic scum would i fuck clap for the scum

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