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Freemasons 11 Officers Investigating Daniel Morgans Murder Were Members Of Secret Organisation

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  • Freemasons 11 Officers Investigating Daniel Morgans Murder Were Members Of Secret Organisation

    Freemasons 11 Officers Investigating Daniel Morgans Murder Were Members Of Secret Organisation

    MY View

    /G\ This Is Your Corrupt Masonic Police Force...This Is How They Shhh Up Crime. And Roll Over The Profane.

    11 Corrupt Masonic Police Officers. Who Did Not Investigate A Masonic Murder... Epstein Comes To Mind Also. 911. Hillsbough. And Many More Masonic Crimes I Could Mention....

    When Will The Profane Wake Up. And Know There Is NO Justice. And Will Be NO Justice.. While Freemasonry Controls Everything. We Need To Oast Them ALL Out Of Public Office....

    Are YOU Really That Profane To Think There Investigating Masonic SRA. NO. Because Look At The Investigation They Did At Hampshire Involving SRA. And Noncing.

    Do You Also Think Major Masonic Drug Dealers Are Being Investigated. NO There Not...

    Wake Up....Masonic Police Freemasons Do Not Investigate Freemasons. Or Anything To Do With Corruption Within Freemasonry..... Even When There Planting The Drugs For A Conviction Stitch Up....

    The Police Were Dismissive. Because The Profane Have No Power To Do Anything. And That's Why THEY ( The Freakmasons ). Will Always Be Smooth Ashlars. And The Profane Will Be Rough. And Well Hated By Those Freemasons Within The Temple....

    BTW The News Media Did It's Masonic Job. And Shhhhed It Up Again

    Daniel was a private investigator in 80s London and those close to him believed he had a story on corrupt police and was going to release it before he was killed. The Report Panel said this was never investigated and was a element of the wrongdoings by the met in the case.

    The murder of Daniel Morgan on 10 March 1987 left his wife, Iris, without her husband, and their two young children, Sarah and Dan, without their father. A independent report panel this week June 2021 has concluded their results of all five investigations into his death over 34 yr period.

    The first investigation of Daniel Morgan’s murder (the Morgan One Investigation) was conducted by the Metropolitan Police. There were multiple very significant failings in the conduct of this investigation from the moment of the discovery of Daniel Morgan’s body. The management and administration of the investigation was poor, and in many respects was not compliant with relevant policies and procedures.

    A second investigation was established in June 1988. The decision was made that a police force, other than the Metropolitan Police, would carry out the investigation because of the corruption allegations. It was conducted by Hampshire Constabulary, supervised by the Police Complaints Authority. Its remit was to investigate ‘allegations that police were involved in the murder of Daniel Morgan and any matters arising therefrom’. It was understood that this was an independent investigation but a senior Metropolitan Police Officer, with full access to the investigations was appointed to work with Hampshire Constabulary in January.

    The 2000 Murder Review began on 26 June 2000 and reported in October 2000. It made 83 recommendations for further investigation. The review was effective in its examination of the Morgan One Investigation, but it did not focus in any detail on the Hampshire/ Police Complaints Authority Investigation and as a consequence further available investigative opportunities were not identified. It is also possible that local officers involved in identified lucrative corrupt practices, such as, selling confidential information and assisting criminals with inside police information They were ‘moonlighting’, thought that their police careers and pensions were under threat, and that future, potentially lucrative, options might be put at risk by Daniel Morgan’s alleged intention to reveal what he knew.

    The evidence supporting this theory as to why Daniel Morgan was murdered was never seriously investigated, This even despite the fact that in the years following Daniel Morgan’s murder, several of the police officers connected to Daniel Morgan’s circles and business were investigated for and convicted of serious crime. A source of recurring suspicion and mistrust in the investigations of Daniel Morgan’s murder has been police officers’ membership of the Freemasons.

    DS Sidney Fillery was a Freemason and became Master of two different Lodges in 1993 and 1996. Ten police officers who were prominent in the Daniel Morgan murder investigations were Freemasons. Investigating officers entertained doubts as to whether Masonic loyalties, which all Freemasons swear to uphold,