Bring Out Your Covid19 Dead

The Masonic Virus Is So Bad. There Sending Out Dust Carts With Bull Horns. Calling For People To Bring Out There Dead. As The Furnaces Are Burning None Stop...
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Shhhh Don't Take My Word For It

What Happens During A Plague. A Flu Pandemic, Or Anything Else That's Gone Viral Killing Losts Of People.
Because Believe Me, They Really Do Struggle To Bury ALL The Dead Bodies. And The Bodies Are So Piled Up. They Start Digging Mass Pits.
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Research it. There's An Actual Body Count. ..
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And As For These Masonic Run Test Centres. WHY Are They Empty??. And Where Are The Numbers Coming From???.

The Same Place Your Joke Votes Come From At A Goverment Run Polling Station.
Votes That Are Then Counted At A Masonic Town Hall., Which Are Then Took Into A Back Room For Safety. By About 5 Freemasons. To Be Re-Counted Honestly By Them.

Don't Be Profane. And Wake Up
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